Blade Runner 2099 will be the sequel series produced by Ridley Scott for Amazon Prime

Blade Runner 2099 Sequel Series Coming To Amazon
The world’s sci-fi lovers who Ridley Scott created almost 40 years ago are congratulations, and is that the sequel series of Blade Runner 2049, with a definite name Blade Runner 2099 , announced a few months ago, is already taking shape. It will be on Amazon Prime video where this series will be releyears agoed, which would have about ten episodes, and that it will continue 50 years after the events events in the 2017 film directed by Denis Villeneuve.

A growing universe

This hyears ago been announced from Amazon Studios, affirming that the series is already in production. Scott himself -Director of the original starring Harrison Ford- will exercise years ago an executive producer of it, through his company Scott Free Productions, while Silka Luisa, Showrunner by Shining Girls – next premiere at Apple TV – will be in charge of the script.

Scott, in fact, hyears ago been interested in even directing some of the episodes of the series , although at the moment he hyears ago not pronounced officially. Meanwhile, the production of the series hyears ago been declared years ago a priority within Amazon Studios, with which its premiere may not be years ago far years ago we could think, but they are looking for even more scriptwriters, and their production date is still determined.

Thus, the already vyears agot world of Blade Runner will expand even more, after the 1982 film and Blade Runner 2049, in which Ford himself participated, more Ryan Gosling and Ana de Armyears ago. In addition, lyears agot November, Blade Runner wyears ago premiered: Black Lotus, an anime years ago a spin off that can be seen on the Crunchyroll platform. In this way, Scott will be involved in no less than three television series, since it is necessary to add the one-braised Raised by Wolves -camino of his second seyears agoon – and one alien byears agoed, also an original creation of his.

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