Fans believe they have found the inspiration behind Berserk

In the middle of last year, the anime community received a strong blow after the death of Kentaro Miura , creator of Berserk . The legacy of Miura is undeniable, and to date, the community of Berserk is still maintained quite healthy. Of course, everyone wants to know what will happen in the future with the franchise, however, there are also fans who are seeing towards the past and one of them seems to have discovered the animated film that inspired this anime.

Berserk debuted in 1989 and told us the story of a swordsman called guts , which sought to avenge the death of his colleagues before demonic entities. Recently, the fans discovered a movie known as Belladonna of Sadness launched in 1973, and via a corporate image, it is easy to see that Berserk could have been inspired by her:

Berserk Inspirations: Kentaro Miura and The References of Berserk

As you can see, many of the scenes at Berserk definitely have some inspiration from those of this animated film, although sadly, it will be impossible to know if it is that Miura was inspired by her or if it is a simple coincidence.

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