Steam Chinese New Year Sale Opening! Lets play in the Chinese game on this machine

Currently, Gregorian calendar is based in the world, but the Chinese New Year is the New Year of the old schedule called Chinese calendar. In the region where there are many flowers, Japan is a great event in Japan, Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, etc., and in Japan, Yokohama and Kobe can touch the swelling.

It is such a new year, but it was one of the highlight selling that STeam is built. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce the game of Chinese zone.


The first is the high-speed action game “Icey” that will proceed with the narration. This work that has greatly incorporated the element of metaphiction that seems to have been affected by “ THE STANLEY PARABLE “, and the narration responds to the player’s behavior each time there, and if there is a switch, the switch will act, Enemy encourages elimination, etc.

There is a side of what to be a game media, but I will not touch the contents of the game to avoid spoilers. However, this work is good to enjoy the head empty without thinking about anything. Japanese narration is also a topic in the goodbye of Mr. Shimono Shimono, but the Chinese language Chinese is interesting, so you may be able to find new fun when you hear and compare.

Topics will only go to the metaphiction, but also attention to the height of the degree of completion as an action game.

# Little Witch Nobeta

“Little Witch Nobeta” scheduled to be officially released in 2022 will operate the main character Noveta, and follow her secret his secret with her secret hidden in her old castle. It is only called Dark Seoul Like, the degree of difficulty is high, and it is contrary to the appearance of Noveta, which is the main character, and it comes to fold the mind many times until you get used to it.

Unlike the main Dark Seoul, this work is based on the witch, and the main work is mainly based on the spell.

Taiwanese works are produced, etc., etc. A book work that is not a matter of the topic such as voice actor of famous VTuber. If you want to play a strange Seoul Like?

# Purproof Mark BLOODY SPELL

This work that was officially released on January 27 is a topic that DLC is rich in DLC. By the way, the hero is a male called Run, but by changing her equipment, it will be a woman completely from her look to the voice. Since the workshop is also supported, it is not possible to find out only the eyes, but this work is also the side of Rogelike, and the quality of the dungeon that changes each time, the quality of the difficulty level and the quality we saw is not only the quality It is.

It is a slightly sorry that there are many parts that the translation is incomplete and the Chinese is still mixed, but it is a one recommended as an action game with a highly attractive teeth.

# Edible Girl / Edible Girl: Mountain

Speaking of Taiwan, it is a stall street called night city, which is famous from the evening to the night. It is familiar with Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and when it comes to late dinner, it is as much as possible. An anthropomorphic management simulation ADV of such night city and Taiwan rooster is “ edible girl “.

The main character is as a management adviser, and to enhance a local night city. Depending on the result of the evaluation of the evaluation visited after a few months, the night city itself will be gone, so as a management advisor will be rebuilt.

There was also a history of Valve and a rejected battle in the past, and there was also a twist and turns until the release, but now the sequel “ edible girl: 美 内 ” is also released. In addition, as a sequel to this sequel, the domestic nintendose switch is scheduled to be released on April 28 as a “edible girl 2 beauty eating round”. As a limited package with goods is also appeared, it may be nice to check if the character likes.

dong-jin Rice-Hime (Higashitsu America)

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A protagonist who has returned to her home in Pingtung prefecture at the southernmost tip of Taiwan. She will raise Hahoh princess who is anthropomorphic “Kaohsiung 145”, which is a breed of Taiwanese rice, Kaohsiung 139 and Japan’s “Kinuhikari”.

Heart has a great change in this work that should be a nurturing and medium-sized ADV. Not only her appearance but also the character has changed significantly, and the ending also changes depending on how it brought up. Japanese speech will also be added if you purchase an extended DLC, and the sound of Haei is not all, but it will change to Japanese. After clearing the story mode, there is also a focus only for nurturing rice, and you can concentrate on raising your own Hyohime.

# Muse Dash

It is a game used for the subject of summer vacation work articles before. What this work is superior as a sound game is that it is for beginners and music such as a wide variety of games, such as collaboration. Besides “ DJMAX ” and “ Groove Coaster “, which are also other sound games, are also rich in collaboration with various works such as “ Toho Project “, and the number of music music There is nothing to do.

It is recommended to make a potato controller and enjoy the potato controller, but also for those who want to play a tone game or those who want to play a change game.

# Chinese parents

Development simulation with a theme of home education in China, this work was originally sold in Chinese, but it is talked about from the game nature, and English and Japanese are currently being played in Japanese It is now possible. The process of supporting children until the university entrance exam is full of China, and it is intended to pass through the unified university entrance exams, which is said to be “high consideration”, finally.

Sometimes it takes a piece of book such as a mounting battle with his neighbor and child’s growth. How about looking at a slight glimpse of life in China?

# Rabi-Ribi

The rabbit eliner who was kept as a pet was a human being when I woke up! This work that mixes the barrage action in Metroid Vania is attractive not only the characteristic look but also the abundance of unique actions.

As described on the store page, this work that is packed with the preference of producers with this work is a work that stabbing anyway. However, this work is heavier in the difficulty in Metroid Vania, and the number of steam results exceeds 200. In the same genre, it boasts most difficulty levels in the same genre.

It may be nice to try playing with a self-confident rabbit fetish.

# Shan GUI / Hundred songs / Katsu Katsu

“Shan GUI” sold in 2004 is not an exaggeration to say that one of the works that has changed the evaluation of Chinese-producing visual novels.

In the game, each region or part of the word is directly linked to Wikipedia, and it is also one of the characteristics that they are literally used. Chinese Fulvouses and beautiful background CGs have become a work with one head in the Visual Novels at that time. Currently, if you purchase “Shan GUI” and download “Shan Gui: Definitive Edition” of free DLC, you can switch between 2004 and 2020 editions of the Shan GUI It is.

The first “Senka” is also an introductory work, and it will end soon, but a sequel to the world’s view, etc. “Hundred songs” will be several tens of hours and multi-ending.

“Jin Katsu 2” has evolved further, and has changed from a common Novel Game style to a style like a cumulus of a manga close to “ Girl Magic Little Witchlo Moneyst “. The unique world view of the series is a must-see.

# China Traditional Martial Arts Hachiman Pass Sixty-four hands

How about the person who comes with the Pin and the pins? Speaking of the “ Hotaru Mark of the Wolves ” of “” of “” of “” Sometimes, maybe it is not possible to understand the school of Shao Yuu of ““?

This work is a learning software that can browse how to handful of how to use the basic operation of Hachimao. You can stop the operation by pressing the break, and you can also check the movement, but if you click on the fist, you can also set the way to grip and orientation, etc. Is.

You may be able to fight in Tatsumi, even if you have a brothers who are hungry and a characteristic hairstyle with a broken or elderly person who has a characteristic hairstyle, by looking at the Chinese New Year Sale. How about everything about daily health and martial arts?

# Let’s play Chinese speech games full of oriental charm

The “Senka” and “Purproof Signs” introduced this time are unique world views and attractive works that are not in domestic games. There are many works that could not be introduced, but Bubu / Sena Fantasy work is a good genre that says that the work is in Chinese.

It’s near, but far, China’s game maker, which is a part of the domestic circumstances, and to know the gamer, however, I would like to touch the Chinese game in the Chinese New Year Sale.

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