Windjammer 2 in the test: a small, but successful litter

Windjammer 2 is a great multiplayer fun, but has little too little for soloists.

Almost exactly 28 years ago, Windjammer has a true cult game appeared. In Arcade halls, the thing was a racer, at home it could only play the most allest people. It appeared exclusively for the Neo Geo CD: the home console variant of an arcade machine, which was anything but favorable and has therefore only sold just under a million times. Fortunately, the title years later, namely 2010, found the way to the Wii as Virtual Console titles and 2017 followed ports for PS4 and PS Vita. For their developer Dotemu that was probably so lucrative that he decided to produce a proper continuation. Et Voilà, now Windjammer 2 has appeared and this time the entry-level hurdle is hardly existent. The game is available for all current platforms and even in the Game Pass. If you have the subscription, there is no reason for you not to try out the thing. It shows that the game principle is still awesome even after almost three decades.

Teaching lesson not included

In principle, Windjammer 2 is a more complex version of Pong. Here, however, tennis is not impressed, but a frisbee thrown back and forth. What first seems very simple, reveals astonishingly much draft at a glance on the game-internal guide. There are far more than just two or three ways to throw the slice. It is all the more tragic that Windjammer 2 offers no tutorial in which the game teaches the individual techniques gradually. Those who never played the predecessor is forced to play against computer opponents on the lightest of the three levels of difficulty to internalize the control.

After a few ball, pardon, Frisbeewechsel will then see how well Windjammer 2 plays. We recommend you to give you the thing on the PC really with a gamepad. With the keyboard is quite neat to play, especially since you can change the key assignment at will, but a controller is then more comfortable.

The gameplay rocks!

The matches will definitely be fun. Your goal is always to win a “Best Of 3”. In each sentence you have to achieve 15 points to win. For this purpose, the Frisbee is best always in the red marked area behind your counterparty. If he can not prevent the disk from landing there, her whopping five points instead of three, which there is one of the yellow areas. Through the many different wurrants, the games have a very nice dynamics and the gameplay a tactical depth, which does not underestimate it. Windjammer professionals now know when the right moment has come to run a “praise shot” so that the Frisbee makes a high bow and then a little further in the field of your opponent lands, which is worth two points when the competitor is worthwhile Not reacted in time.

For additional attendees, the different characters ensure. In the first part there are six of them, Windjammer 2 has ten pieces to offer. On the one hand, the fact that the one more on speed that others are more on force, each of the fictitious athletes has its own special throws. The to counter to counter, only works if you really know exactly how they work. Then the chaff is separated from the wheat in the multiplayer. It consists of a ranking mode, the “fast game” and the possibility to gamble with a friend. In addition, you can play Windjammer 2 very classically for two on a computer or a console. This awakens memories of good old times.

Those who do not like to play competitively, has the look

While the multiplayer offer in Windjammer 2 is quite neat, soloists have the look. They only get a classic arcade mode in which they are one after the other against increasingly difficult Ki opponents. There is no story mode or any other form of campaign. Here Dotemu gives away great potential. We also miss a tournament mode. Windjammer 2 is anything but a circumferential monster. Well, but it costs only just under 18 euros, but if you have little desire to finish online from better players, this investment barely worth it. Game passport users are clear here.

In terms of presentation, Windjammer 2 there is no floors. Basically, it looks like a remake of the predecessor, which would like to be as faithful as possible. It is also a pure 2D game, but this time with high-resolution comic look. The style is certainly taste matter, but he likes it quite well. Everything is great animated. If someone scores, the whole picture wobbles, causing the whole thing to forgive us the Denslisch – “Impact”. Special throws are so exaggerated as in an anime set in scene, so they are simply mighty and even really intimidating for the opponent – and the better it feels when you start one of them. For the rest, the magnificent soundtrack with its retro sounds, which perfectly accompanies the events.


On the one hand, we could accuse Windjammer’s 2 label swindle. The game looks just like a remake as a proper continuation. There are a few new characters and places and a new look, but otherwise it plays like the predecessor. Sure, he did not logically do not logically online multiplayer, but it was quasi obligatory to install in Part 2. What the title would have really needed as official continuation would have been a form of extensive single player mode.

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Imagine a story campaign with intermediate sequences in which you promote you from Underdog to the World Champion. Well, for a chic staging Domemu could not have had the financial resources, but the playful implementation of the whole could definitely afford the French. Thus, Windjammer 2 is ultimately what the first part was already: a really good multiplayer game. But he could have been so much more.

Windjammer 2


Catchy, but also complex

Enormous entertaining lots

Great 2D optics

Driving soundtrack


Little content, especially for soloists

No tutorial

4/5 stars

Buy Windjammer 2 now!

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