Ride 4 racing at the consoles of the current generation in October

Ride 4 Online Multiplayer + Set Up BMW S1000 RR Against Fast V4R Ducati Panigale
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Milestone developers continue to refine motorcycle racing simulation with the Ride and Ride 4 series will come out for current generation consoles this fall. RIDE 4 offers a reworked career mode, stand stop enhancements, dynamic lighting and meteorological systems, visual improvements and other improvements in the formula established. While the next-generation consoles are expected this holiday season, Ride 4 will be released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on October 8, without any word on an output on the next generation consoles.

Ride 4 is the first title of the franchise to see a partnership between Milestone and Yamaha Motor and Bridgestone, bringing vehicles and official equipment from the two respective brands. It will be interesting to see how this partnership improves the formula established with Ride 3. Milestone promises progress to its neural Network Ai to refine the race style of other riders on the racecourse. Milestone will add a new endurance mode with ride 4, giving fans of the series more content to go.

Although MotoGP 20 is released very recently, Milestone has clearly worked hard to improve the ride formula and continue to innovate in motorcycle race simulation with each title. It will be interesting to see if Ride 4 will be multigenerational or if it will be one of the last installments for the consoles of the current generation only. We hope to see Milestone get more partnerships like the one they have with Yamaha Motor and Bridgestone while they continue to evolve the formula. Although we consider the RIDE series difficult to master for newcomers, there is no doubt that Milestone continues to improve motorcycle race simulation with each title. Want to know what we thought of Ride 3? Check out our review here!

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