Games industry, staggered performance report cards in the stock price

I am showing a lively phase such as a motion of the domestic game industry.

On the 15th, major games were announced in the past 2021 issues. Cacao Games and Craftton, called ‘2k’, are blinded 3n. Kakao Games recorded its maximum earnings since the Changsha, the sales of W112.5bn, operating profit of W112.5bn, operating profit of W114.3bn. Craftone also has increased 13% YoY to W1.86.3bn, last year.

In the domestic game industry, we have achieved the maximum earnings since the largest run on the encryption accumulation business. Last year sales increased by 344% YoY, 561 billion won, operating profit of W326bn and net profit reached W485.2bn.

Devscomers, which was surprised by ‘Cookie Run King’, has also achieved the maximum performance of the Changsha. Devs Sisters recorded sales of W369.3bn and operating profit of W56.3bn in 2021. 424% and operating profit was successful in the previous year.

On the other hand, NC, Nxon, Nexon, Netmarble, on the other hand, received a transcript that does not reach expectations. Last year, Sales has recorded 2,308.8bn, operating profit of W375.2bn, and net profit of W395.7bn. 4%, operating profit was 55% and net profit 33%.

Nexon sales fell 6% YoY to 2,853 billion won, operating profit fell to 951.6 billion won decreased by 18%. Netmarble has increased by 1% YoY to 2.5059 billion last year, but operating profit declined by 43.2%.

Last year, the new “Bokbi” was released by the public, and the bis was also increased by W43.8bn and operating profit of W43.0bn. This is a grades for sales and operating profit to 17.4% and 72.6%, respectively, respectively.

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The game is dangting regardless of performance. Cacao Games approximately 40% of the share price fell. Since the achieving 11,600 won on November 17 last year, we continued to decline and decline 70,000 won.

Since the Kraft Tone also recorded 58 million won, he was achieved a bombardment with W248,8500 won since its 52 weeks. DEVS Sisters, who has achieved the highest price to 19,900,900,900,900,000 last September, as of 68%, as of 68%, as of 68%, as of 68%, and more than 60% of the highest prices were evaporated.

Netmarble and Nexon are also estimated at 30%, 34%, respectively, respectively.

There are a variety of factors in the overall decline in this game. First, it is a judgment that the growth streaming investment such as the game shall be burdensome as concerns about the tightening policy, such as the early interest rate hike of the US Central Bank (FED).

Here, the game shall be a simple IT (Information Technology) growth promotional forecast and real performance differences, and the actual earnings difference is, and the competition of new business competition, such as P2E and NFT (alternative, heavy, etc.) and metabus, We are analyzing in securities prices that they are acting as a decline in the trust of the game.

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