Early access delivery starts at Mecharicening “Ninbus Infinity” Steam. High speed air battle that manipulates robots running

Publisher Gametomo started early access delivery of high-speed mechanical action “ Nimbus Infinity ” on February 16th. The compatible platform is PC (Steam), the price is tax-included 1520 yen. The game corresponds to Japanese subtitles. It seems that releases in the console are also scheduled later.

“Ninbus Infinity” is the latest work of high-speed mechanical action game “Project Ninbus” series. The stage is the end of 2099 AD. The earth was condined by the central government and maintained a stable situation. However, when we reached 2100 AD, the balance of the world will be broken again with the beginning of the new era. The hero who sent a peaceful life Iwata Taiyou will be caught in the battle in space.

In this work, we will maneuver a humanoid general-purpose weapon called “battle frame” and experience the story while using various weapons and equipment. Battle of this work is expanded at super fast. In the event of a variety of enemies, the battle skills and instantaneous decisions are required. Whether you choose a fight with a gun or missile or a matching weapon fighting is dependent on the player’s judgment. Choose appropriate armed for your purpose and mission. A variety of areas such as hand gun, rifle, missile, cannon, etc. are combined with the equipment such as decoy, camouflage, and creating your own loadout.

Also, the stage of this work is a wide range of cities, deserts and space colonies. Because the variationed environment affects the war situation, it is necessary to change the strategy depending on the situation. Furthermore, in “Ninbus Infinity”, the player’s own skills act greatly. If you try to correct the enemy correctly, the fire accuracy of the firearm increases. It is necessary to use a weapon with different lock on performance and range distance.

The previous work “Project Nimbus” is a formal release in STeam in 2017. DMM Games also deployed for platform and PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch. The same work is STeam at STeam Currently, acquiring “very popular” status from over 1200 reviews. A quick and refreshing battle has won a high praise with the full-scale battle. In response to such a previous work, the sequel has reached early access delivery with this fortune.

As a game content at the time of early access delivery, it is possible to play the stoker mission in the early stage. Six missions and stoker elements supporting it are included, and core game systems. There is also a voice recorded in English, and at present, it corresponds to Japanese and Thai subtitles. In 2022, while continuing early access delivery, improvements will be added based on feedback from fans. New Story Missions and content are expanded throughout the year.

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“Ninbus Infinity” is early access delivery for PC at STeam. Price is tax-included 1520 yen. According to the official site, this work seems to respond to the console later.

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