The Simpsons in Minecraft? User builds Springfield and the community is enthusiastic

In Minecraft everything is possible in principle! Thus, in minutorous small starting whole worlds are created, but also detailed supporters of famous buildings and villages of film and television. Very new: Springfield, the home of the Simpsons.

The Digital Springfield is a real eye-catcher

Ay, Caramba! The User Blockstercraft has recreated one of the most famous cities of the television landscape in Minecraft . With a lot of patience and block for block. Whole seven months work stuck in the elaborate project. The result is truly impressive.


This is how the digital Springfield looks similar to its cartoon template for confusing. Of these, Simpsons fans can convince themselves on Reddit himself, where Blockstercraft has uploaded a small round flight over the city:

Fans reminds the project to another SIMPSONS game

In the comments, the project is praised above all for its many details , so, in addition to the home of Simpsons, among other things, the elementary school of Springfield, the Kwik-E-Mart, the town hall, the church or Homers workplace Nuclear power plant to admire. Even on the estate of Mr. Burns and the burning tire mountain from the intro of the series was thought.

So that the city also corresponds to its model, blockstarcraft has designed a custom minecraft texture pack . No wonder so that many SIMPSONS fans are literally focusing on the insight of this city, which are relying on the heart of a very popular Simpsons game – The Simpsons: Hit & Run from 2003.

By the way, blockstercraft with its Minecraft-Springfield is not finished for a long time, so you may be curious how it will continue with this project in the future.

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