A high-performance capture board that can be recorded simply by connecting between PS5 and PC appears! 10% OFF campaign at Amazon

The Capture board for IODATA (IODATA) that is most suitable for PS5, which is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, “GV-USB3HDS / E”. Amazon is holding a long-standing period campaign that can be purchased with 10% OFF as a release commemoration.

# # 4K30P · 2K120P game play videos can be recorded

This product supports recording at a maximum of 4K30P · 2K120P while playing a game with a 4K60PHDR high-definition video and a smooth image of 2K120P. Even in the PS5 game environment where high performance is required, it is possible to record beautiful images without worrying about the delay.

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# # Simple design to connect between PC and game consoles

There is no complicated task such as driver installation. It can be used immediately by connecting a PC and a game machine with a code. In addition, since it supports USB bus power operation, a dedicated power supply can be powered from the USB port of the PC without requiring it.

# # Videos easy to use editing software that is easy to use

Equipped with video editing software manufactured by Cyberlink “PowerDirector 18 for I-O DATA”. Since it is simple software that can be used in intuitive operation, you can edit data that you want to edit videos and edit data that you have recorded and recorded easily. Add a full-fledged video by adding an effect such as subtitles, title insertion, motion trucks! Learn more about “GV-USB3HDS / E”.

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