Scathe: Details about the action-packed shooter from hell

The British Game Publisher Kwalee has announced a publishing deal with the British three-person developer Damage State. The deal includes the publication of the bloody and action-packed first-person shooter Scathe this year for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Playstation 4 | 5 and PC via Steam and Epic Game Store.

Players on Steam can also try a free, temporary demo in the context of the Steam Next Festne from 21 to 28 February.

Scathe is an intense, classic first-person shooter with large guns and even larger demons. You play as Scathe, executor of the legions of hell, who has forged the Divine Creator himself from the earth.

And as their fallen relatives before you have to show your value by moving you through a sophisticated labyrinth that is entangled at every corner with the demonic evil. So grab your hellhammer, closes and get ready to unleash your almighty anger!

Uses the raw strength and extreme speed of Scathe to watch your way through the grotest detiles of hell, while looking for the hellstones and defeat the almighty guards that protect them deep in the network of punishment before you.

Fast reflexes are the key to survival of the bullet light labyrinth standing between them and their climb. Fight in the brutal single game campaign through the most deadliest demons of the underworld and collects the hellstones or collects your friends in the bloody action of the intense drop-in / drop-out online co-op.

SCATHE | Announce Trailer (2022)


  • Escape The Maze: Your task is simple: collects the three hellstones and gets into the middle of the labyrinth. Selects your own way by navigating you through expertly handcrafted zones that lurk with dangers behind each corner. Collect the runes you need to get on, and destroy all those who sit down in the way.
  • Bullet bright: Scathe is not ordinary fps… ready for the bullet-bright, in which your countless waves have to dodge deadly bullets. Thanks to the incredible speed of Scathe you can dodge the attacks and remains unhurt. To stay in motion is the key to your survival.
  • Lock’n’load: Crashed your enemies with scathes insanely strong weapons arsenal, each equipped with a devastating secondary fire. Spits hellfire with the hot hatch or cuts with the Circular sawmill Bow Blade by the evil.
  • Drop in / drop out online Multiplayer: SCATHE will support a full CrossSplay online multiplayer where the players can get in and off at any time. Have you already lost deeply in the labyrinth? Calls up to three friends who join the fight. Chooses your relatives considered, because in Scathe all the same pool share.

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