Voss-Tecklenburg: “Important was the mentality”

At the end of the 90 minutes Martina Voss-Tecklenburg looked satisfied and relieved. “We did not do everything right,” the national trainer, “but I am satisfied with the attitude. It was important to the mentality.” And that has shown the German team at the 1-1 against Spain for the prelude of the Arnold Clark Cup in Middlesbrough.

The tournament is considered important location determination before the European Championship starting in July. For the German team, the Cup in the EM host country in advance but under no good star: equal 14 players fell out. “We had to expect failures. But in this form is incredible,” said Voss-Tecklenburg before the tournament start.

Lea Schüller (WoSo Talks #11)

Among the personnel difficult requirements, it ran in the first goatless 45 minutes still neat for the DFB team. After the break, however, the leadership for the Spaniards followed by world footballer Alexia Putellas, who used a mistake of internal defense Lena Oberdorf.

Voss-Tecklenburg over goalkeeper Frohms: “has charged a lot of security”

As a “neck strike”, the Federal Trainer described this goal, from which the German team did not recover for a long time. Spain dominated the game and Frankfurter Merle Frohms in the German gate prevented a higher residue. “Merle has broadcast a lot of security. She has shown that she can compete at top level,” praised Voss-Tecklenburg.

Shortly before the deadline, the German team was even the compensation. Stürmerin Lea Schüller brought the Spaniards the first goal since March 2020. “We wanted to force the 1: 1 absolutely,” said the national trainer. “In the end, only the goal was to shoot a goal somehow,” Lea Schüller revealed.

On Sunday (21.15 clock), the German team denies his second game at the Arnold Clark Cup. Opponent in Norwich is Olympic champion Canada, followed by Wednesday (20.30 clock) in Wolverhampton the duel against host England.

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