Line Games, Unsembrane launches first large-scale content updates

Line Games (Representative Kim Min-kyu) conducted its first large-scale content update after launching NIS GAMES (Representative Jobs) on the 17th and launched in the multi-platform nuclear & slash action RPG ‘Unsembrane Action RPG’

This update is summarized in three ways that feature not only existing users, as well as various content and compensation for new users.

First, add a new “Lightning Raid” to raise a layered challenge of the raid challenge of high-level users. ‘Lightning Raid’ can enter more than 80 levels, and plays with new achievements, title and new Runston through play.


In addition, three kinds of artifacts were new to Kaos Dungeon, and add two Chaos Trial Boss (13 Tier Aquila, 17 Tier Besper), while changing the monsters of the tier, to provide.

In addition, new artifacts have added 53 species (22 kinds of weapons, 7 parts of armor, 7 kinds of arms) and 2 equipment essence (Besper Essence, Alisa Essence), and adding a rune hex essence drop in the field, I have strengthened the fun of growth and growth.

In addition, the “skill rune” and the “link rune” are new, and the variety of character build configuration strategies have increased the variety of strategies, and the penalty was given to the character death, and the ‘Guild Mark’ and ‘Secret Page’, Crystaller ‘Some items such as adding an effect to be easily identified when the item was dropped.

On the other hand, “Leadsembara” introduced ‘Rune Hunter Pass Season 2’ with this content update.

The ‘Unsemix’ game information and update, and event guidance can be found through the SNS channel, such as Facebook, Discord, and the official YouTube channel, including the line Games Floor.

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