Wow Column: The risk of cross-faction

With Cross Faction Gameplay Bexzard pulls the tearing in the topic of fractional weight. Somehow it had to come so, otherwise the RAID scene of the Alliance would be extinct with time. Now the Alliance page is possibly more populated again.

Many welcome this change, but I also see some serious dangers behind it. As you know, WOW (buy now) can not do anything, “WoW can only kill himself,” it always says so beautiful. The abolition of the fraction limits that form the foundation of Warcraft could be such a death.

No turning back

Yes, basically Horde and Alliance already stood side by side and even in the extension BFA, which at the beginning still had the hanger “Horde Vs. Alliance”, the two sides worked together again in the end.

Although cross-fractional gameplay does not mean that Horde and Alliance are now loving forever, the issue of faction conflict is no longer credible for all eternity. This is a strong piece, considering that WOW could run for another 18 years. Another big point are RP players.

These may not form the majority of the gaming, some will seep over Cross-Faction gameplay but sour. From some I read, for example, in the WOW reddit forum that as the Allianceler a Horde player is just as much enemy as the Chairman. Also in this area of ​​the game you suddenly caused a lot of damage.

Contrary effect?

How to implement group cross-country players decisively decide on success or failure of the feature. Suppose, the group formation is a bit too complicated and the holding on pure alliance and horde guilds remain, Cross Faction Gameplay could even be even that the Alliance is even more outnumber .

Because Allianz players are now pretty much to play with the Horde. They enjoy the enjoyment as it is to have a wider pool on players. Again and again every new Horde player to pack on the list and not see his players in the guild in the center, make a change to the Horde possibly more meaningful than the complicated cross-faction Geier. How ​​do you see it? Are mixed guilds MUST MUST MUST MUST FOR CROSS FACTION GAMEPLAY, OR WHE FIND ALL MOVERY IN COMMUNITYS AND THE Alliance will be more populated again?

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