Cooperation action game “Trinitys” trial version delivery start. Tank / Healer / DPS Fighting, Boss Battle Only MMORPG Wind Battle

Indie-US Games has published the trial version of “ TRINITYS ” on February 19th. You can download from Steam’s store page. The trial version contains two stages, and this work can be played by cooperation with the online multi and AI. Although the trial version is English, the skill description will be in English, but you can switch from the option to Japanese. Even in the product version, of course, it will correspond to Japanese subtitles.
【UPDATE 2022/2/21 11:30】
A trial that the trial version can be switched to Japanese. Also adjust the description of skills

“Trinitys” is an action game of a look-up perspective, working with three people in tank / Healer / DPS and fighting boss. The main character of this work is three adventurers. A passionate hot man gray that fights and fights allies as a tank role. An isolated wizard Emile that damages enemies with magic attacks. Maiden Bell of the village, supports the strength of allies as a healer. In the world of this work, there was a disaster brought about the emergence of the monster and the unforeseen weather. The hero lived in the landscape land, but I left the world’s unusual. Match the power and fight with the mighty boss.

The adventurers have passive skills and three skills according to their respective roles. Specifically, gray, which is a party shield, is stopped and reduces damage, and a skillful skill group that is tightened to the enemy and enemies. A healer Bell can use passive to restore alien and recovering areas that her HP recoverable can be used. Emil has passive that increases the damage to. Players manipulate one of three adventurers. Each plays a role and aims to capture the boss.

Two stages have been recorded in the trial version. In one of them, on a small field surrounded by lava, the surroundings face a boss like rock. The one-stage boss develops a large number of scope attacks with prior notice, such as circular attacks for each player’s position and a wide range of straight lines. In addition to hitting a big damage, there is also a gimmick that annihilates that it is incorrect. MMORPG-style boss wars such as “Final Fantasy XIV” will be a feature of this work.

In addition, while the movement is often increased to avoid gimmaking, there is a skill that exerts an effect by not moving, such as a healer recovery area or passive skill that has stopped when it is stopped in this work. ing. In capture, it is important how to reduce movement while coping with gimmicks firmly. After the boss’s capture, the skills are available and the skill customization will also be possible. As play-style, it corresponds to a solo player that cooperates with two friends with two friends and someone with quick match function.

Indie-US Games, which is developing this work, is a company in Osaka that handles Unreal Engine 4. As a professional of Game Engine Unreal Engine4, cooperation with many works, such as “Scarlet Next” and “Girls and Panzer Final Chapter 2”. This work is the first original title for the company, which adopted the engine.

The trial version of “TRINITYS” is being delivered by STeam. In the spring of 2022, early access delivery is scheduled to start.

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