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Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is almost here: The third extension of GW2 will be released on February 28, 2022 and is therefore only a few days from the release. Whoever expires panic that he is not prepared, which can be completely calmed down. Because we give you a few tips on the hand what you should have done to the release of End of Dragons. It’s not just about accumulated wealth (we recommend that you simply our GW2-Gold Guide ), but also to playful advantages. You can buy Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons already for € 29.99 and save you beautiful as well as practical Ingame rewards!

What is everything in the extension? The ultimate overview to GW2 End of Dragons

LEVELS YOUR JUWELIER – Jade Bot thanks you

One of the new dominants in GW2 is the jade-bot. This mechanical companion gives you some playful advantages and also increases your life points by means of its energy core. The best variants of it come from the crafting discipline of the jewelers. So if you want to have an animal 10 energy core for your jade bot, you can easily build it with a jeweler on craft stage 400 yourself and do not have to buy them other people! What ingredients are needed is not yet clear – but in the past, a certain resource was always important, which leads us to the next point…

TimeGate materials: Charges your quartz crystals!

Only once a day, you can make 25 quartz crystals on a “place of power” a charged quartz crystal. These are important for countless craft recipes and have been relevant in the past again and again for new extensions. If you are already catching, you have access to the release seven of these crystals in stock. Due to their timegating mode of operation, it can also often make a good profit with items that are manufactured by the crystals, even if certain craft projects do not personally interest you. The chuck for the skysheet is only one of many items in Guild Wars 2, which requires charged quartz crystals for making – End of Dragons will definitely bring new recipes that set to the TimeGate resource. Source: Wars In addition to charged quartz crystals, there are other TimeGating resources, of which you can only produce one every day. These are required for the production of the production of materials: batzen of residues of the oldest-host (wood), mithillium boulders (metal), coil thick elon cord (leather) and coil silk web thread (fabric). So if you want to craft new past armor or weapons without properly paying on, Deldrimorstahlgarren, Damask Ball & Co. so yourself.

Re-enabled made easy

If you do not have a specific item from the Ingame Store before the launch of End of Dragons, we strongly attach you to the heart: The copper-powered recycling O-MAT is a fantastic “Quality of Life” cultivation for your account. If you have this apparatus, you can disassemble items in GW2 until all eternity, without having to buy recycling tools over time and again, which also take away several plenty of space in your inventory. The precious stones necessary for the item can be gotten for gold, but also easy to buy now **. Who plays the living world for the “return to the living world” or for the first time, will stumble over some great features – for example, the requiem armor from our guides. Source: Wars

Precursor in End of Dragons

The successes around the “return to the living world” in Guild Wars 2 (Buy Now 49.95 €) are still active – so you should have started playing through the past episodes, you have a few days to give you fat rewards to secure. Among them is also a precursor of your choice for the third generation legendarys, which will be unlocked with End of Dragons. Who starts at zero now, would have to be in the stuff, but the successes do not disappear with the launch. In this respect, it is still worthwhile to continue with these successes to get a precursor object as soon as possible! Many of the new hairstyles in GW2 fit perfectly to the Far Eastern Flair of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons. Source: Wars

Preparing perfect look for End of Dragons

Suitable for the release of End of Dragons, the developers have made new faces and chic hairstyles available, with which their heroes can miss a Far Eastern, Canthan look. So if you want to say directly at the release “New Enlargement, New I”, you can already use a transfer kit, or check that the new options would be something for your Ingame adventurers.

Guild Wars 2 : End of Dragons - Perspective And The Bigger Picture!
Do you have any further activities and worthwhile projects that someone should bring about before the release of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons behind? What may not miss in the launch of the third extension? Troubles us and your teammates your tips in the comment area! To home page to the gallery

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