The Horde mode mod arrives at DOOM ETERNAL

Of course, DOOM Eternal is a brutal assault, high octane index, in the first person, filled with demons and soaked with blood against your senses. But what would happen if what was just a little more intense? A couple of moddors, Proteh and Solart, have undertaken to answer this question with a Horde mode mod. Complete details regarding said Mod can be found below:

– A gameplay in horde mode based on the waves, where you will get ammunition, weapons, extra lives, improvements, sentinel crystals, weapon mods and points after each turn.
-Every wave will be more difficult than the previous one, most of the time presenting new enemies to manage.
-There will be “waves of boss” where you fight improved versions of some enemies.
-Music browsing all songs available in the game to add variety.
-The last wave will be a very difficult ending arena where you will have to fight to see how long you can stay in life.
-Some accessories and / or monkey bars can be added for some waves to spice up a bit more things depending on the enemies you need to fight._


The MOD Horde Fashion will be launched the ~~ September 13 2020 ~~ right now for the Eternal Doom PC version. A new video will be published on the launch date, with the installation instructions. You can consult the latest trailer of the Horde Fashion mod just below. DOOM ETERNAL is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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