Xbox Game Pass: Roboquest appears later for Xbox

Only yesterday the Game Preview was started by Roboquest for the PC. Now the developers are known for demand that the game will also end up for Xbox in the Game Pass.

Roboquest is a crazy, intense, fast FPS roguelite co-op game that is cross-platform and focusing on imaginative weapons action and precise movements.

It plays in 2750 on a burned planet, where a teenage girl and desert collector named Max bursts an intact guardian robot. She slips into the role of the robot and comes with Max on an explosive journey through a number of vivid, cel-shading-shaded biomes, cities and much more – and blows up countless enemy bots in the air.

Roboquest PC Game pass Launch
Since 2020 we are at Roboquest in the open development. This type of development has allowed the person responsible to take the time you need to develop the game creatively and benefit from feedback and recommendations of the growing players community.

“We were able to quickly develop and test new features and weapons while we could constantly improve and balance the game,” says the developers.

In June 2021, the studio announced that Roboquest will appear via Game Pass for the Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Windows platforms. From now on Roboquest is available in the PC Game Pass Preview and will appear in the Xbox Game Pass during the year.

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