All intelligence machines in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is now available for PS4 / PS5, and there are a number of cars divided into certain classes. Each class of machines in Forbidden West has unique features that allow them to work according to their usefulness in the ecosystem.

That Intelligence Class Machines are designed to find a danger and to warn the nearest allies when catching threats. These cars, of course, will be hostile to ela, if they hurt it. Usually they warn about the approach of the production of the class “mining” and “combat”, and the players are stumbled upon them. five Various RECON class machines in Horizon Forbidden West.

  • Swamp
  • Skydront
  • Long legs
  • Red Eye Observer
  • long-haired

Eloh will have to fight all RECON class machines except Tallneck. These machines carry resources that will be needed by players to improve their weapons, bags and armor. Players can easily avoid them, hiding in high grass. The destruction of the RECON class machines using Silent Kill will allow players to easily bypass them. Nevertheless, we recommend players to fight these machines and collect the best components as mining.

All Machine Locations In Horizon Forbidden West (All Machine Types Scanned Trophy Guide)

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