Grand Theft Auto VI: Is since 2018 in development

In early February, Rockstar Games announced the active development of Grand Theft Auto VI. So far, this was the only official statement about the successor of the Open World Action Game Grand Theft Auto V, from which over 160 million copies have been sold since its publication before nine years ago. How advanced the development is that can only be difficult to say. Last year reported several times by insiders about a turbulent and chaotic development behind the scenes and even a restart of the project. It is also unclear since when Grand Theft Auto VI is in development. An indication of the beginning of the work at the game should now give the LinkedIn profile of Sonny Blanco. The Screenshot Capture Artist has been with Rockstar Games since 2017 and works according to an entry since November 2018 at Grand Theft Auto VI. Should the entry be right, the development of Grand Theft Auto VI has been running for over three years.

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