Grand Theft Auto VI: Take-Two

To populate the game world of Grand Theft Auto VI with players, the developer could rely on a new system that the parent company Take-Two recently patented.

This is a “system and method for meeting management in a multiplayer game environment”.

With the system, Rockstar Games could transfer players in Grand Theft Auto VI seamlessly and without charging screen from a session to another when you change the area in a game.

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The game world could be divided into different sessions and changing players then connect to a meeting that is populated by other players. This creates the impression of a living world in which hundreds of players are located.

A graph of Reddit User CorylVV shows an example of a subdivision:

Rockstar Games could therefore work on a huge game card for Grand Theft Auto VI, in which the world is always richly populated, which would probably not be possible in just a single game session. Other developer studios of Take-Two could benefit from the patent.

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