Will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet open world, like Legends Arceus?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – names of the pokemon games of the ninth generation. While we have only a small trailer, but there are several things that are obvious. Scarlet and Violet is here to take the future and develop the last success of the franchise.

Although nothing carved in the stone, it seems, Scarlet as well as Violetta Going to Become Open World game, like Legends Arceus. The trailer from the series The official Pokemon Canal on YouTube has shown several familiar creatures, freely wandering over the new region.

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You could see Muhat Want on the way and Sevipipes crawl around the dusty environment. Although the real game process was shown very little, most likely, it will be a combination of arceus and the main gameplay to which fans are accustomed to.

It will be interesting to see how the basic series is open to change. The main series has been plays carefully for many years, without any real changes in the gameplay, with the exception of several tricks. An open-air approach is what players always wanted from the main games.

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