Goku faces himself in the Dragon Ball anime

Last year we had a chance to know what a fight of goku would be against goku thanks to the promotional anime of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Well they say that the story always ends up repeating, since as Part of the new episode of this anime, Goku will have to face itself again although of course, we hope that the fight is different from the first.

Dragon Ball Heroes has launched its new Arc Ultra God Mission, which will explore the “ Super Space-Time Tournament ” where the * Z warriors will participate, as well as their different Allies of different realities and alternative universes. Taking into account the above, you should not be surprised that Goku must face Goku again. On this occasion, we have Goku of Dragon Ball Super against Xeno Goku. **

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All this new arc of Dragon Ball Heroes is basically a recreation of the power tournament that we saw in dbs , although of course, with new characters and events. We’ll see how much change in Dragon Ball Heroes **, but the fans already have an idea of ​​where the thing could go.

Editor’s Note: Without a doubt, the largest strength of heroes is that it can alter the canon of the franchise as best as best. This has allowed certain villains who normally would not see in the main anime, can return to fight against Goku, Vegeta and the other Z warriors.

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