The last patch of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition keeps trying to fix the drain

Rockstar has announced the publication of a new patch for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition , the infamous compilation that leads to current systems three of the most beloved GTA: the third, vice city and san andreas.

Gta Trilogy Definitive Edtion Patch 1.05 - New Update Gta Trilogy Definitive Edition
These remasterings, published at the end of last year, were very poorly received by criticism and public by the alluvium of bugs, glitches and technical problems of all kinds that plagued the three games; Since then, RockStar has been applying patches, both games and their communication strategy, to try to turn off the fires that he herself formed.

Among the outputs that this new patch does, there are improvements in stability and performance «on all graphic platforms and modes», collision arrangements, textures and signage and also problems when you have to retry missions from control points.

Beyond these general problems, each of the three titles has its own list of arrangements, with dozens and dozens of points, from conflicts with specific missions to glitches visual or navigation problems that seem to have been resolved. The list is so great that check point by point if everything has been solved, but in social networks you can watch videos of the new version that continue to present technical problems.

This GTA: The Trilogy had one of the most accidental launches last year. First, the PC version had to be removed to delete “accidentally included” files, from code with private annotations to music from which the license was no longer had; By the time Rockstar recognized the mistakes of these new remasters, the news about Bugs and problems already flooded websites, social networks and YouTube. “We have launched plans to deal with technical problems and improve each game from now on,” they said at that time, and assured that “the games will reach the level of quality they deserve.”

To compensate for these problems, Rockstar promised to give to PC users who shop at the new trilogy the original versions of each game, which until a few weeks were previously available in Steam and withdrew shortly before the launch of the new remasters. These original versions are now only available at the Rockstar store, another movement that was badly received by the community. To compensate further, Rockstar decided to give more things, from games to currency in-game for GTA Online or Red Dead online.

But it seems that the damage is already done, and now the community is with the fly behind the ear by the new version of GTA V that will come out on PS5 and Xbox Series X: The launch is still scheduled for March 15, And at the moment we have not seen anything of gameplay of this version. I do not think you have to have more suspicions of the account (GTA V is GTA V, and the version for Xbox One and PS4 was not seen, at least officially, up to a couple of weeks before publication), but it is clear That this trilogy has left a brand a bit ugly in Rockstar’s record.

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