Mine Elex 2 Chef Key

While performing the mission “Gas in the mine”, he will trip over with a chest outside in one of the cabins that is closed and can only be opened with a key. That key, as you can probably guess, is inside the mine full of poison. This is where you find the key of the mine chest Elex 2!

Since you have to go anyway, make sure you have a gas mask and a solid equipment, the insect that is inside is not a joke to combat from the beginning. If you can, tighten it out and shoot the gas boat right outside the entrance to remove approximately 75% of your health!

Once this is done, go to the cave and explore: some food is needed + poison resistance if you want to loot the iron that is scattered throughout the cave.

Go and turn immediately to the right after reaching the area with shelves and scaffolding. You will follow the way until you see that there is another set of bodies and scaffolding on your left. Near the next “door” on your right, you will find the “chest key” located near an iron ore vein.

Elex 2 | C4G Review After 120+ hours
Let it and return to the cabin to get a decent arch and additional items, then follow your way!

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