What is that taste? Overseas Confectionery Maker Produces Limited Package Candy for “Elden Ring” Release Commemoration

Overseas Confectionery Manufacturer Ferrara Candy Bland “Trolli Candy” is a special item “ Sweet Peachie Elden Rings ” to commemorate the release RPG “ Elden Ring ” to which the From Software will work on the official Twitter Announced.

ELDEN RING – Overview Trailer

The published “Sweet Peachie Elden Rings” package is impressive scenes that a fader makes a deep sword with a candy type mascot. The base is like the company’s sourgumi, but somehow, for some reason, there are playfulness in various places such as the description of ESRB.

However, unfortunately this item seems to be not sold. “Where can I get anywhere”, this is responsible for “not planned to sell” in a limited package made to the release commemoration. In the same brand, there is a track record of the 200th anniversary collaboration in the past.

Bandai Namco Entertainment American Official Twitter comments “Let’s go to journey with this.” If the day you can actually buy will come, it may be the best for the game?

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