What do with golden runes in Elden Ring: Should you sell them?

ELDENRING contains a huge list of items that you can encounter on your journey, some of them being a bit more transparent in their use than others. One of these items falling into the latter category is the Golden Rune , and what exactly it is doing. Does it give you forces? Or what exactly do you do for you?

Should you keep these valuable items or should you sell them at the first statement? Follow our guide if you sell or hoard the golden runes in Elden Ring!

Golden Runes – should you sell them?

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One of the more discouraging challenges in Elden Ring is simply the challenge of survival. Everything in your game has the opportunity to mean a catastrophe, and if you die, all your runes will disappear. This means that they do not spend them and improve their character, making themselves stronger, can live longer until they either kill more enemies or, if they are lucky, collecting them again.

The Golden Rune is a bit different. If you die, this item will not leave your inventory so you can keep some runes for the future, so you have time to build yourself, even if you have lost all your regular runes.

The use and use of the Golden Rune is similar to the use of any consumable subject, so you can easily go to your inventory and select the item you want to use, and open it for some additional runes. This can be helpful if you just have to come fresh from death and as if they are only a few runes away from a new level, golden runes are great items that you can wear at any time.

If you sell them, they also get runes, but they will not make as many as they would do if they use only the subject. So keep and hoard them as much as possible as they will find that they are an almost invaluable tool. As there are several levels of Golden Runes, you can optimally use different strategies for your game style and build type. With the power of the Golden Rune on your side, you learn the tools for survival and continues your mission to become an Elden Lord!

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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