What kind of white traces near the coastal cave in Elden Ring?

Coastal Cave Elden Ring Location
The world of Elden Ring is huge, with many features and mysteries that you can easily skip in an eye. One of these mysteries is glowing white steps that surround the side of the beach next to coastal cave. To find them, boot up North-West along the beach avoiding or killing enemies along the way.

There is a simple answer to this riddle: Invisible enemy which can be defeated by one blow. Fortunately, the phantom enemy does not represent any threat to you, but to find the time to fulfill this task – a completely different matter.

You will find that only steps Cut a small plot – position yourself on their way and hit when it’s step or two further. Nothing terrible if you miss, the invisible enemy will not change. trajectory . Stay in place and try again until you get it – as soon as you defeat the enemy, you will automatically get a new ashes of war The ability is called stamp (sweep).

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