First consequences after Krawallen in Mexico

First consequences according to Randale in Mexico

After the heavy riots at a football match in Mexico, five civil servants have been suspended and contracts have been terminated with a private security company. This shared the Minister of the Interior of the state of Querétaro, Lupita Murguía, at night on Twitter.

Russia invading Ukraine will impact all of the U.S including New Mexicans
According to the General State Platform of the Central Mexican state of the State of originally 26 injured 19 in the hospital. There was therefore no deaths in the riots during the first league game on Saturday between FC Querétaro and Atlas Guadalajara in the Stadium La Corregidora. The prosecutor continued to inform that investigations – among other things tried murder – had been initiated.

In some media, the question was raised as to whether there should be international consequences for Mexico. In 2026, the US, Mexico and Canada set up the World Championship, which then rises with 48 teams. The Spanish General States sheet “Marca” for example asked if Mexico should be allowed the third alignment of a World Cup – even in the face of previous problems. Only in November the FIFA had imposed a fine of 100,000 Swiss francs against the Mexican Association for Homophobe Paroles of Fans of Mexican national teams and arranged two games from empty ranks.

“The FIFA is shocked over the tragic events in the Corregidora Stadium in the city of Queretaro,” said the World Association in a comment on Sunday. “FIFA concludes the Mexican Football Association and the Concacaf (Confederation) Concacaf and condemns these barbarian riots and calls on the local authorities to accurately account for those responsible.”

No more games in La Corrredigora

Given the circulars circulating in social media and videos of riots on the ranks during the encounter in the league MX, dead had been feared. The contradictory Querétaros Governor Mauricio Kuri. “The official data is currently pointing out that there was no dead. Of course, I understand that the pictures are absolutely disturbing. Unfortunately, pictures and names of people in the networks that are supposedly died. However, I can confirm that They are alive and get medical help, “said Kuri on Sunday.

The game was interrupted in the 62nd minute at 0: 1 and then canceled. On Sunday all league games fell out. The Mexican football league announced that in La Corregidora, where Germany at the 1986 World Cup had received no games for the time being in 1986.

Among the suspended officials, the police officer responsible for the game was. According to the city council of Querétaro, the FC Querétaro also bears a blessed at the city council. With just under 100 private security guards, the association has become a lot of staff to ensure security in the stadium, said City Council José Luis Aguilera in an interview of the station “Milenio” on Sunday (local time).

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