Cacao Games, Mobile MMORPG Moonlight Sculptor New Second World Explorer &

Cacao Games (Representative Jose) has updated a new Second World MMORPG “Moonlight Sculptor” developed by X defeated Games (self representative Song Jae-hyun), “Moonlight Sculptor”.

The newly added second former ‘explorer’ is a balanced class that is a balanced class in the hunting and battle, and the ‘merchant’ is a class-specific class that has been highly compensated by hunting. Implementing skills tailored to different occupational contents to further strengthen the character’s unique charm.

In addition, we added an ‘equipment upgrade system’ that allows you to upgrade improved legendary rating equipment to upper equipment. Users can be promoted to ‘Iur Equipment’ and ‘Chaos Equipment’ through the materials necessary for the upgrade, such as ‘Masun’ and ‘Black Sculpture’.

In addition, we added a ‘entire server ranking system’ that allows you to compare the ranking of each server user to add the pleasure of battle. Here, ‘firefighters’, ‘Duty’, ‘Wrench Sword’, and updated the ‘melody’ and ‘Ornament Weapons’.

In addition to this, we will conduct a ‘Job Balance Patch’, which will adjust the battle performance of the former business for a more satisfactory battle experience, and ▲ ▲ enhanced the convenience of sculptures, ▲ Buddy training time improvement, ▲ duel season compensation trophy change, etc. Improved.

In addition, we carry out ‘2022 spring season event’ until 21st. Users who participate in the event missions and quests collect items ‘dandelions’ and ‘shamrock’ and others, and can be exchanged for a variety of items such as ‘Greenhouse Furniture Box’ and ‘Rare Buddy Al’. Here, it provides a variety of compensation to users who achieve event missions to ‘BOOK 5.2 Season Pass Event’ from April 3).
For more information on this update in Mobile Open World MMORPG ‘Moonlight Sculptor’, see the official community.

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