GTA Online Next Gene Update: Release Date, Character Transfers and More Details

Grand Theft Auto V is back and approaches its new publication on the new generation hardware. People can not get enough of this title because 160 million copies were sold, and this number will surely rise as soon as it appears on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. The addictive online part, Grand Theft Auto Online, will give its debut as an independent title on these new hardware generations and fans who have experienced the story mode give the opportunity to immerse yourself directly in this chaotic online world. But when does it come and what do we expect from him? Let’s immerse yourself and take a better look!

Release date of GTA online

Fans of the series do not have to wait long, because Rockstar Games releases the standalone version on 15. March 2022 . This title is available on both Xbox and PlayStation platforms, get with PlayStation 3 months to download the game for free, playing and retaining, while Xbox users should buy the title. Luckily, players do not have to spend a lot of money to get this game as it is only so $ 9.99 on Xbox LIVE for the first three months, and PlayStation 5 users will receive it for the first three months. After that costs $ 19.99

GTA online file size and pre-download

With Grand Theft Auto Online you will see 86,873 GB Playstation 5, So you see that a little storage space is occupied on your device. If you have a smaller system, such as: For example, the Xbox Series S, which you only want to play online, you may be unreadable to hear that the game can keep up 94,285 GB on your system. The good news, however, is that it looks like you decide in the future for the purchase of story mode, it should be easily downloaded immediately and do not claim too much additional space.

GTA Online Character Transfer

GTA Online is a game in which people have invested hours of their lives happy hours, so they will be glad to know that they can bring their character to transfer their character to the new platform of their choice. You can also transfer your progress across platform, as long as you have a Rockstar Social Club account , so if you switch from PlayStation 4 to Xbox Series X / S, you should be ahead of the game and now create your account. Any money she bought is transferred from platform to platform as long as they stay in the same system family (eg PlayStation 4 on PlayStation 5). However, the entire earned money can be transferred to each platform of your choice.

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What you can expect from the Next Gen version of GTA online

The biggest thing that will notice the players is the new graphic options that GTA will bring online on the table as they can choose from 3 different modes to optimize their settings. You will also remember Faster charging times, increased population and traffic, vegetation density, improved light quality, water reflections and more . You will also see Improved anti-aliasing, motion blur, new explosions, fire effects and more to see! It looks like this is not a simple copying and paste from earlier versions, so you are in a diverse city, which feels more alive than ever!

Although the game approaches his 10th birthday, players are still very happy to enter Grand Theft Auto online, and still see that the game regularly adds new content. Grand Theft Auto Online will continue to receive content updates with this new version, so you do not have to worry about any news in the game.

Grand Theft Auto Online appears on 15 March 2022 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / s.

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