DOFUS 2.63: DevBlog Guilds, Refonals and Improvements

The guilds iron up to the center of updates with Dofus 2.63. redesign **, guideline for patches, tackles other aspects of these player gatherings, including interfaces.

DOFUS 2.63: Devblog Guilds, Refonals and Improvements

By following the advances carried out at 2.62, Dofus 2.63 brings a new wave of modifications for the guilds. The goal is to improve comfort during discussions, but also members management. In short, this update offers:

  • A guild chest
  • A guild newspaper
  • A redesign of the general interface with display of the character’s head and a customizable note
  • Rights and ranks to modify at will
  • New flasks

Guild Caps

All subscriber players belonging to a guild will be able to access a safe in the different banks in the world of twelve. Shared, it has 100 locations accessible by simultaneous by all members. Rights are available to manage access.

Guild Log

To better follow the various guild events, you will be able to consult a newspaper, replacing the old bulletin . It is completed with a tab “ last activities “, allowing a follow-up of the actions of the players.

General interface

You will be able to note several additions on the main interface of the guild members. First, a customizable note will be visible next to the nickname. It is specific to each member, limited to a right “Manage Members’ Notes” and 60 characters. The multi-dumps will be delighted to better indicate their different mules! Secondly, generic class images are finally replaced by the “shortened” representation of the character.

Rank management and blazons

The customizable rows are there! 4 are available by default but everything can be fully modified. Each rank can offer its own rights with a linked icon. Note that obviously all interfaces are adapted to include these changes. 34 names exist and it is possible to define one, 24 characters long.

To conclude this revision of the Guilds of Dofus 2.63, 170 Blason icons Add to the sides of the existing! Whether spell, classes, monsters, Pandala or even anrtar, there is for all tastes.

DOFUS 2.63 – When is it happening when?

[DOFUS NEWS] La nouvelle mise à jour 2.63 est arrivé !L'économie du jeu bouleversé ? Le dofus ocre ?
The “Mal Grove” update will arrive on Dofus by spring. The beta will be available from March 9, 2022, with a very long list of modifications for the MMO.

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