GTA 5-GTA online, PS5 version 10 available for $ 10?

Rock Star Games announced that GRAND THEFT AUTO V and Grand Theft Auto online is released on March 15 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X program.

Noteworthy is that it can be purchased at a greatly discounted sales price. The PS5 version of the GTA 5, with the storage mode and GTA online, can be dictionary to $ 9.99, which is 75% discounted. You can choose the game at that price by June 14th. Currently, it can be pre-ordered only in the PLAYSTATION Store of the PS5. The PS5 version of GTA online can be pre-loaded by June 14th.

In this new version of GTA5 and GTA online, you can experience ultra-level PC graphics from the console, such as up to 4K resolution, up to 60 frames, improved texture quality, HDR option, and Ray tracing.

In addition, the technical development of the latest console hardware, such as platform-specific elements such as fast loading time and immersive 3D audio.

In GTA 5, you can experience a full-fledged sunshine and a rural landscape, and you can play the entangled story with Franklin, Michael, and Trever.

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In addition, the ▲ high-definition mode ▲ Performance mode ▲ Functional RT, such as functional RT, you can experience gameplay optimized for elements that are most important and most important.

In the new version, the overall details, such as a faster loading time, increased population, traffic diversity, increased vegetation density, light source and shadow quality, water reflection, and other elements.

In addition, the PS 5 dual sense wireless controller can experience a new reaction step of haptic feedback and dynamic resistance.

Platform-specific elements include a PS 5 Tempest 3D position-based audio and an immersive audio using the spatial sound of X & lt; / RTI & gt;

In GTA Online, more than 40 gameplay elements are provided with more than 40 different special updates.

This includes special workers in Hao, a new additional elements of various new mobile means and Ross Santos automotive meetings.

SpecialWorks in Hao, including the utmost mobile means upgrades, new lace, which uses specially modified mobile means, and a new lace, and a premium test that can be pre-tested for free.

GTA Online is now available for the first time in PS5 and Xbox Series X9S, and PS5 players can play for free for the first three months.

We also offer 4 million GTA dollars that can be compensated for purchasing some of the appliances, business real estate, moving means, and weapons of career for new players.

In addition, there is a new front-end main menu such as a new front-end main menu, which can immediately use various functions for new players.

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