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We were committed to it a few months ago, it is finally a reality: our subscribers can now listen to the emissions and podcasts Gamekult directly directly from their favorite application.

It is necessary to admit it: listen to the Gamekult directly podcasts from the site, via the soundcloud drive or by downloading the hard file, it might not be the prison but it was not what there is had more practical. It is now the old history, dear subscribers, because you can now enjoy our many audio broadcasts via a multitude of platforms (from Spotify to Podcast Addict to Overcast).

The operation is simple. Get your smartphone first. Then, for each transmission wire that you want to find in your application, simply click on the link assigned below (which will now be displayed in the article accompanying each release). Enter the email address associated with your Gamekult directly account: A code will be sent, that it will be necessary to copy in the field provided for this purpose. You will only have to choose the platform that suits you.

Click on the podcasts you want to import

It is also possible to unblock our emissions directly from Spotify and enjoy it on a computer. Here is the way to follow in video:

N.B.: Deezer does not allow us to manage paid podcasts at the moment. In addition, it is no longer possible to download the hard files directly from the reader of the site (a consequence in particular a certain proportion of hacking). However, podcasts can be available offline via usual podcast applications. On the other hand, this new solution is still in a ranking period, we are not immune to some technical couracs, despite our careful checks. Moreover, be aware that compatibility with Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts is still being set up.

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