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Teleport and turn spontaneously into a raven, that does not belong to the strengths. With the third AC Valhalla-DLC that does not change, because in the sign Ragnarök it is Odin, with which we can feel like a God. To save his son Baldr, it takes the all-father into the dwarf, which is threatened by Surt and his fire giant. However, supernatural powers and a mythological world do not mean that the extension is also blessed by gods.

How the previous DLC’s wrath of the Druids and the siege of Paris beat so can you read in the respective tests. And of course we have taken the main game under the magnifying glass:

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in the test: painful like an ax in the head


Sexism problems with ubisoft: The French developer and publisher has been accused of toxic corporate culture since July 2020. Underneath far-reaching sexism problems, women’s kneading and discrimination, which should be deeply anchored in the company. While ubisoft has already been consequences, for example, employees of the management level were exchanged and to the allegations openly commented on, in-house, these measures are felt by many employees but not sufficient.

This is new to the characters Ragnarök

  • Area: Svarthalfahim
  • History and secondary tasks (about 35 game hours)
  • More skills and skills
  • Predators (mills instead of monastery)
  • Armor, weapons, tattoos, hairstyles etc.
  • Enemage types
  • Hugathjofr (Bracelet, with which we absorb and use powers of enemies)
  • Combat arena
  • Waff Type: ATGEIR (a kind of spear)

The dwarf Svartalfaheim offers golden mountains, turquoise crystals as well as snow and lava again a really pretty world. It is filled with all sorts of tasks as usual. Away from the dwarfs and collective objects, the DLC also feels strong as the main game: predators, puzzles, a not so bright Ki – that and more can also be found in the dwarf of the dwarf and, above all, gives birth to fans of the first hour.

To the attention of here again a trailer for DLC:

How much does the DLC cost? The extension costs 39.99 euros and requires the main game. It is not part of a Season Pass.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök - Cinematische Wereldpremière
How do I start the DLC? As soon as the DLC is installed, you will automatically see a message text and egg vision in the game. Then the quest “restless dreams” is unlocked. In the settlement Hræfnathorp we travel back and forth with the help of the Seher Valka between England and Svartalfaheim.

Do I have to play the main game first? No. If you start very new or has no Powerlevel from 340, you get a character boost in Svartalfaheim. This raises the level to 340, evaluates equipment and turns off skills. The upgrade is only valid for the DLC, but all experiences collected there will be transferred to the main game.

For experienced Vikings a walk

Since the characters Ragnarök is the now third payment DLC, the probability is great that the required PowerLevel of 340 loosely exceeds. So also in our test, when we go with Odin on the PS5 with Powerlevel 470 on the rescue operation. Consequently, everything feels on the standard level of difficulty, but also too easily. Fights same a relaxed walk. Neither healing nor counterparts are greatly necessary to become the fire and ice ranking master.

Therefore, the advice from us: It really adapts to the degree of difficulty that you are needed something. Like an overpowering God by the opponents, it has his charm, but sometime is boring and takes the plot to weight. Boss fights gradually degenerate worrying and let us have fewer confiscations.

Hugathjofr – sometimes less is more

Especially with regard to the Hugathjofr, the game may demand us more. This is a bracelet, with which we absorb five forces of our enemies and use themselves for a short time and upgrade:


Rebirth Rabe Muspellsheim Jönunheim Winter Hugathjofr


The forces make fun and loading for experimenting, the effective benefit varies but strong. So we use almost only the Muspellsheim and Raben-Kraft, and the former is pressed quasi, since constantly somewhere lava is in the way. In addition, the forces simplify many things. While a raven a quick flight to the mountain the climbing is unnecessary, the Stealth aspect is too much simplified as a disguised muspell or by teleportation. The challenge is missing.

And the power strips with the required HUG (a kind of mana), which we need to activate a force, can be filled too easy. Either thanks to the opponent or HUGR-supplying giant blossoms that are almost on each corner. Even the Yggdrasil shrines are usually not far where we also get HUGR. That costs health, but nearby healing mushrooms are waiting nearby. Strategic procedure is so little promoted.


Blossom Yggdrasil Shrine


boast in the arena

The Valkyrja battleplace lets exciting moments hope, since Odin counts his big battles and lives through again. However, this comes to the simple boutebude, because this is primarily concerned with the unlocking new equipment and demanding fighting. After all, they can be shaped by the boasting heavier. For example, we imagine that our opponents share more damage as soon as we use a capability, we make life heavier, the reward but bigger.


Combat arena boasting


Suspicious goes to the god world

Apart from a pair of plates are joking and the worries the dwarfs, the basic tone is clearly determined by urgency to save Baldr. Odin repeatedly emphasizes that he has no time for distractions, but authentically, this is rare. The DLC wants to cause compassion again and again, but fails to bring little to characters. Best example is Baldr, whose rescue we are supposed to turn along, although we barely get a chance to develop feelings for him.

The feeling card could have played the DLC also in the topic of Ragnarök more frequently. For the fact that the end of the world occurs in the DLC title, he receives too little attention. It’s strong to remember, but we do not want to reveal more at this point.

No history lesson, but understandable enough

The characters of Ragnaröks leans with his action only to the Nordic say, instead of smearing them. Diving terms, names and references from mythology, with which not everyone can start something. Not everyone will understand the meaning of the mistletoe, but characters such as Surt, Frigg and Loki can be classified alone through the dialogues. Therefore no one has to roll wikipedia or the game-internal code entries to follow the action.


Mythical Remembrance 1 Mythical Remembrance 2


For whom pays off the DLC?

The characters Ragnarök is the largest DLC for Valhalla – and in our test phase even without significant bugs. He is for those who like to be more of the gameplay loop of the main game and have no problem with mythical setting.

Thanks to the character boost, newcomers can become theoretically without problems, but the degree of difficulty attracts how the Gamestar test shows by colleague Steffi. In addition, the ODIN missions in the main game do not in advance to obtain more context.

Basically, the characters Ragnaröks does not offer great added value to the main game. There is no lot of ISU substance a bit for contemporary history. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla comes out well without the DLC, as he does not tackle open questions or significantly expands topics.

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