[Issue] Kneminological IP controversy, legal action notice

The IP issue between the copyright holder and the game was held at ‘Global Global Global’. Currently, Long Tong Korea is in progressing a P2E game ‘Glomo Global Global’, which is developed by Thai Mobile. The Games Business, which is an enthusiast, is a dominant game. Dominance Games argues that the ‘Gloves Global’ project, which is the “Kohmic Global Global” project, which is going on, On the other hand, Developer Lung Tong Korea is the problem that there is no problem with the contract.

The irregularities were used in many areas, including cartoons, PC games and mobile games for 28 years since the first series of first series in 1994, On March 3, Dominance Games said that it has secured exclusive business rights to the game, which is an enthusiastic row-based block chain.

Dominance Games ‘Naeminus Games’ Na-myung Jin, “” Global Global “in which the current advance reservation is in progress is a game that is not allowed by the original author,” The game, “The game,” It is not to be able to use the name that is unwanted, and the name of the ‘열 강 강’ is used to promote virtualization, or issue a token through ‘열 강 강’ game, I needed it. “

“I am not able to allow the use of ‘열 혈 강 Kangho’ copyright for NFT. It emphasized that it is very sorry for the opening to the reservation. “

The Representative of Nausung is a good idea to promote the proprietary wemade in the journalist, and the preliminary wemade to protect the copyright in the game industry in front of the Chinese company. I hope that it does not occur because of the damage of the damage “Dominus Games will not be able to take all legal measures against the illegal acts of Long Tong Korea if Lung Tomoria does not stop the illegal act immediately.” said.

On the other hand, Long Tong Korea is a problem that there is no problem. “There was no constraints on the platform in the Nuclear IP non-toxic contract with the original author,” he said, “He said,” he said.

“The claim that Dominus Games secured the proprietary business for the game, and the proprietary business of the game is a contrary to the authority that the existing authority is granted from the original worker” ” We have emphasized the authority. “

“The Longo Korea official said,” The Dominance side is distributed unilaterally, “he said,” I will quite legally responsible for business damages and shareholder value damage. “

Rung Tong Kangho IP Issue Rung Tong Korea 14th, the share price fell 23.16% QoQ, 4,901 won.

Meanwhile, Long Tong Korea has finished the review of the Legal Act, and posted a refutation material on the 15th. “We are preparing for us,” he said.

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