Best Build Void 3.0 for Hunters: Destiny 2

Processing Void 3.0 in Destiny 2 brought many new features from the point of view of building characters. Here is our view on the Void 3.0 Hunter assembly. These builds are usually focused on to remain invisible for most time, when this is a big damage. Before we analyze this assembly, we will focus on the characteristics of mobility, restoration and intelligence. If you can get 100 points on all three, there is nothing like that, but if you can’t, try to get 80+ for all three.

  • Empty aspects:
    • Disappearing step: Evasion makes you invisible for a short time. (2 slots for fragments)
    • Stylish executioner: Victory over weakened, suppressed or unstable enemy gives invisibility. (2 slots for fragments)
  • Fragments:

    • Echo Exile: Murders hollow abilities make enemies explode. (+10 to intelligence)
    • Echo extensions: While you are squatting, you are stealing faster, and your radar is enhanced. (+10 Mobility, +10 Intellect)
    • Echo darkness: Finish strikes give invisibility. (+10 recovery)
    • Echo of hunger: Raising the sphere of force gives devouring. (-10 recovery).
  • Super: Kolchan Mebius

  • Class ability: player trick
  • Pomegranate: Whirlwind
  • Exotic: Sixth Coyote
  • Fashion:
    • Fuel Fuel : Selection of the well of elementals corresponding to the type of your subclass, for a short time will give an additional damage to weapons with the same type of elemental.
    • Unstable flow : Selection of the well elemental wellness gives your arms abyss explosive cartridges.
      Harvest Well : After activating your class ability, your next last blow on the enemy creates a well element well well.
    • Persistent Well : Raising the well elemental vagnetary reduces the number of incoming damage for a short period of time.
    • Displayer : The destruction of the elemental shield with the corresponding elementary weapon creates a spontaneous well.

Best Void 3.0 Build For Hunters (Hunters are NUTS!) - Destiny 2 Build Guide
* Kinetic siphon : Fast blows of kinetic weapons create the scope of force.
* Empty siphon : Fast blows of emptiness weapons create the scope of force.

All this assembly makes a few things. First, Sixth Coyote Exotic armor gives you T evade accusations . Secondly, if you use the finisher on any fight, you get invisibility thanks Echo of the gloom fragment. And finally, you become invisible whenever you use your super due to the aspect of the stylish executioner.

While all these items and peppers take care of your invisibility, fashion take care of all the damage that you apply. With participation Unstable stream , Changeable rounds You will receive an answer Enemies explode when you get with these rounds. That File File gives your huge weapon every time you raise emptiness spontaneous wells . TO Harvest Well , Well of perseverance And also Decorator Fashion take care of the generation Empty Elemental Wells .

If you notice, we also have a fragment providing virgins p Perk. So kinetic siphon as well as emptiness siphon mods will help you create Power spheres that are needed to help you activate Perk Devour. Interestingly, these areas of strength also give you Super Energy So you can restore the performance of your Moebius Quiver Super for a short period of time.

However, this assembly is not absolute. Most of the assemblies depends on the game style you chose. Feel free to experiment with all mods and aspects in Destiny 2 to find out which fashion fit your game style.

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