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What are the best GTA ** games? Grand Theft Auto is one of the most successful commercial series in the industry, exhibiting more than 350 million copies on many payments since its modest creation in 1997.

Originally published as an isometric adventure of DMA Design, the first GTA presented Liberty City’s fictitious urban sets, Vice City and San Andreas. These would become some of the most emblematic sandboxes in the industry, although the first game has received a mixed critical welcome for its sharp peaks of difficulty and its unfathomable controls.

It was only at the exit of GTA 3, during a vintage window of the classic PS2 software, that the series really exploded. Based on the concepts of the original but passing to a 3D framework entirely realized, the title of 2001 actually established the formula of the open world that we recognize today. DMA Design did not want to create a game to which you play, but rather a place where you lived, and so you had the freedom to go where you wanted when you wanted it.

The Scottish studio, renamed later Rockstar North, would continue to refine this format through subsequent suites, building one of the largest entertainment properties on the planet. The last GTA 5 entry, at the time of writing this article, has sold more than 160 million units, and in addition to a large multi-faceted plot involving a trio of protagonists, it also has An evolutive online sandbox that is constantly populated with new missions and content to be completed.

On this page you will find the best GTA games, depending on your game notes. We encourage you to classify all the titles you have played with a note out of 10 to ensure that this page remains definitive and Reflect your opinions. You share your opinion by using the search field below or click on the star next to any game. And of course, be sure to go through the comments and tell us with which rankings you are Agree and with whom you do not agree – everything is a question of opinion, ultimately.

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19. Grand Theft Auto: Ifruit (PS Mobile)

GTA: Ifruit was a companion app published for GTA 5 at a time when publishers pushed the experiments on the second screen for their flagship titles. Oddly, the exit of this accompaniment focused on smartphones coincided with the exit of Sony PS Mobile Push, and so it was focused on the PS Vita. Among his duties, you can pay your vehicles to Los Santos Customs and interact with Chop The Dog in a tamagotchi mini-game, with any of your progress from the console. In the end, it was superfluous and useless, and today does not reflect more than a snapshot of the trends of the game in 2014.

18. Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy – Final Edition (PS4)

Rockstar deleted the emulated PS2 versions of GTA 3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas of PS Shop In order to make room for the GTA trilogy, which looked like a bad decision with the decline given the quality. from these ports. While the developer has modernized the originals, adding essential control points and performance options, the quality of this compilation has been challenged because of certain doubtful artistic decisions and a lack of global finish.

17. Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy – Final Edition (PS5)

When the GTA trilogy came out on PS5, Rockstar criminal caper fans expected a slamdunk. Instead, this compilation comprising GTA 3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas has exploded in the label’s face due to bad performances and strange artistic decisions. In the months that followed the exit, the developer Grove Street Games cleaned many performance problems, but an emblematic trilogy deserved a much better compilation.

16. Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 (PS1)

Developed and deployed as an extension pack for the GTA basic game, GTA: London 1969 adheres to all the same game systems as its descending predecessor. The main difference is that it takes place in an environment inspired by the real world of London in the late 1960s and includes an appropriate regional slang. Unfortunately, the map is not really as interesting as fictitious American cities found in the basic game, and all gameplay issues remain.

15. Grand Theft Auto (PS1)

The game that triggers everything, and frankly not a very good. DMA Design’s dubious GTA isometric arcade game covers three different maps: Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City. While these would become some of the most iconic open worlds of the game, this bizarre arcade experience – in which you have been missing from telephone booths – sees you perform tasks to earn points, presented as of the money, in order for progress. With an unfair difficulty curve and bulky controls, the exit was widely canceled at the time, but would give birth to one of the biggest brands of entertainment.

NAMATIN Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories

14. Grand Theft Auto 2 (PS1)

A refinement of the original descendant GTA game, GTA 2 introduces some improvements in quality of life, as the ability to save, but adopts the same basic structure: accomplish missions to earn points. There is a gang system, in which you can support the work of a faction and affect your relationship with another, but bulky controls and muddy graphics make it a difficult proposition from a contemporary point of view.

13. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (PSP)

Originally released for the Nintendo DS then focused on the PSP, GTA: Chinatown Wars is the most recent portable entry of the prestigious series of Rockstar sandboxes. Adopting a descending point of view, this story presented with precision featuring the sneaky member of the Triad Huang Lee recalls the titles PS1. With hilarious comics kinematics and a mini-game of an impressive density drug trafficking, this version offers a respite compared to the more modern entries of the franchise.

12. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PSP)

A breathtaking realization at the time: Rockstar has managed to insert all its Liberty City sandbox on Sony’s portable equipment, offering a complete GTA story on the move. Although GTA: Liberty City Stories takes place in 1998, before the events of GTA 3, many Characters from the PS2 Title Phare Cameo, expand more the fictitious world of Rockstar. The gameplay is somewhat limited compared to contemporary entries – there are no planes, for example – but having an open world in the hands was simply breathtaking in 2005.

11. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (PS2)

Like GTA: Liberty City Stories, Rockstar worn GTA: Vice City Stories from PSP to PS2 to reach a wider audience. However, launched as late as in 2007, just one year before GTA 4 and after the PS3, this conversion has definitely felt a little long in the tooth. GTA: Vice City was one of the most popular games of the decade, and so the return to this sandbox of the 80s was welcomed, but when this conversion arrived, most fans were ready to to move on.

10. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PS2)

Worn on the PS2 shortly after its initial six months on the PSP, GTA: Liberty City Stories lost much of its portable novelty on Sony’s aging salon console. The return to the fictitious city of New York from Rockstar was appreciated, but in 2006, the PS3 was at the corner of the street and the multiplayer modes of the portable version were inexplicably removed from this port.

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