Tunic unlocks mountain door guide

Sayo is full of as many rids that even collecting the instruction manual is one of the largest riddles of the game. You may have traveled all the pages of the book during your usual game session, but you will realize that you lack page 1. That is because page 1 of the Sayo the instruction manual is trapped behind the closed door of the Mountain. In this sayo guide to unlock the mountain door, we will teach you the process to unlock this door so you can try to unlock it yourself, or if you just want to know the solution, we will list it below.

How do I unlock the mountain door in tunic?

The secret to open the mountain door is to learn the song of the golden road. This golden road is linked to all boxes on page 49 of the SAYO instruction manual. When opening this page for the first time, you will see a grid of numbers with some of the local languages ​​screened around the side of the box.

Each of the numbers within the tables refers to a page number, each page listed has a hidden path that, when we armed as a puzzle, it will allow you to create a way to go.

To use the first step as an example, we see that page 12 of the instruction manual has a golden box where the blue instruction lines are located. This pattern can be applied to The Golden Path to indicate that the first two steps are up and then left. Using the pages you have unlocked, you can decrypt the golden road. If you find that you miss some of the pages, be sure to take a look at our Sayo Instruction Manual Collectible Guide to find the pieces of this puzzle that you are missing.

If you are only interested in seeing the complete solution, you can check under the jump to see a composite version of each of the page segments and a clean version.

SAYO Mountain door solution

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You can use the image below to make sure you have the correct golden road to unlock the mountain door and get what your final page could be. Be sure to read the suggestion on page 1 to know where to go once you have completed the manual.

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