New SRPG “Lost Eidolons” to release in the third quarter of 2022. Mixed Mixed Mixed Shogi and Gorgeous 3D Battle Production

Developer’s Ocean Drive Studio announced on March 17th, Turnstart Strategy RPG “ LOST EIDOLONS “, released in the third quarter of 2022. The corresponding platform is PC (STeam) / Xbox Series X | S. It is also revealed to implement the second closed beta test at the final week of April this year.

“Lost Eidolons” is a turn system strategy RPG that is set to the kingdom called Benerio. It is said that it is under development from works such as “Fire Emblem” and “Final Fantasy Tactics”. Although this kingdom was once prosperity, it falls into the Hand of the Conqueror of Ludivictus and is now part of the corrupted empire. The player will be a mercenary captain EDEN and command the rebels. Along with his fellow, it will fight with imperial soldiers and monsters.

Mercenary units led by players in this work provide more than 20 different characters consisting of 10 classes. It is important not only to recruit them and configure the unit, but also to foster new skills, spells and passive availability. Battlefield fields are divided into grids, and while moving the unit, attacks at the time. Check the enemy’s attack range and gimmick firmly.
Strategically placing units and grasp the victory by making use of such skills and magic. Enemy may appear to have a boss with unique abilities and a huge monster that can be pressed against strategy.

On the other hand, for battle scenes, 3D is adopted as a luxurious effect. After moving the units in the field, the screen will switch to the fierce battle scene of the soldiers. Speaking of such fields and combat switching types, the “Fire Emblem” series is representative. There are many works that are made to be influenced by the series, but among them, the battle scene is particularly created in rich.

The game play of this work is divided into two parts of “in-gate” and “out game”, and the in-gate is the battle mentioned above. One out game is a part other than a battle, resulting in camping construction as a large element. In the camp, management of the main character Eden and his fellow, such as fostering and changing the ally unit, purchase of equipment, etc. In addition, it is also possible to carry out the story or challenge the side quest.

The second closed beta test scheduled to be implemented at the end of April can play the first chapter of all 27 chapters. Camp elements can also be experienced. Also, it is also included that the story-driven tutorials and cut scenes on English full voices are also included.

LOST EIDOLONS - 2nd Beta Trailer - New TURN BASED RPG 2022
“Lost Eidolons” will be delivered in the third quarter of 2022 for PC (Steam) / Xbox Series X | S. And the second closed beta test is implemented at the last week of April. The specific date and time is undecided, but it is said that it is planned for about 5 days.

In the STEAM version, you can request access from “Participating in Lost Eidolons 2nd Beta” on the store page. In the Xbox Series X | S version, the Xbox Insider program subscriber is the “Lost Eidolons Preview” from the “Xbox Insider Hub” app. Also, even if the Xbox Insider program is not joined, participation registration is accepted at the official site. The code will be sent later.

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