Real-time reversi “Reversilly” Start play test start and recruit participants. Real-time match to put the stone more and more

Developer’s Overtimeusi (OVERTIMEUSI) launched a play test of real-time hacemchacha action game “ Reversilly ” currently under development on March 18. The implementation period is until March 27th.

“Reversilly” is a real-time real-time hathacchatical action game that has added real-time and action elements to Reversi. The game mode is only a game mode, and a random match that can be played against players around the world, and a room match that can be played against a specific player friend and a certain player friend.

In this work, the player operates a small character that riding UFO on the reverser board. Then I can’t get a stone that appears in the four corners and carries it on the board. The basic rules are riversee, but there is no concept of the number of turns, and it is possible to pick up the stone more and more in real time and put it on the board and turn over the stone on its own color.

The game is limited to the game, and the player on the side where there are many stone colors when it became zero. Of course, the same is true if all the boards are filled. In addition, a bomb is in UFO, and if it explodes, it will lose. The time until the explosion can be confirmed by the gauge of the screen end and is reset by picking up a new st1. It is said that the meteor of the other person is one of the rushings.

Items can fall from the sky on the board and can interfere with the other party by gaining it. There are three items, and the blue item first blows off the character that blown the character. The bullet will stay on the desk for a while while bouncing, and if the person shot is also blown away. Yellow items can drop lightning to the opponent and stop moving for a while. And the red item speed up. It means that speeds up about three times.

“Reversilly” is developing for PC (STeam). Play test is underway until March 27. Access can be requested from “participating in Reversilly Playtest” on the store page. If you are interested, how are you going to join?

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