“Pokemon Legends Alceus” Hisei region I want to eat! I tried to make a relying on the wisdom of my predecessors …

Have you ever wanted to eat cuisine coming out to the game or anime? I think “Final Fantasy XV” Ignis’s dishes and “Tales of Arize” Mervor Curry, etc., saying “I would like to eat” that it is always said that the food that appeared in the game is always said.

Well, in such a game rice, it is “Imotomichi” that I was attracted to the most interesting of the most recently. I’m born and I have never been in my mouth. I decided to try it.

# What is Immot?

Immoth is a regional cuisine that is transmitted to Hokkaido, Wakayama Prefecture, Kochi Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture, and the type and method of preparation differ depending on the place. As the name implies, it is characterized by a texture like a bowl.

I’m thinking of challenging this time, Hokkaido Imoto, a motif of the “Jiski region”, the stage of “Pokemon Legends Alceus”. In the game, the hero and doctoral will eat deliciously.

By the way, the Immo Mochi of “Pokemon Legends Alceus” is a katakana notation, but the real dish seems to be a major notation.

# Immomochi recipe is in poem in the game! ?

Well, before the previous fry. Let’s make Imomochi immediately. It will be the first cooking, but here a recipe was listed in “Sieve Poem 13” in the game. That’s here.

Give Chemriimo

Mill the skin of Chemriimo

Pass the fire to Chemriim

Baked and boil it

Crush the fire-passed Chem Reimo

Create a crushed thing

After that, it is burning until

If it is a technique of Pokemon

Good with him

Kaen Horiza too much

Eat Immochi I like it

One day has passed

I see, this is the wisdom of the front. For the time being, I want to say Chem Reimo… but I want to say, but I can’t realize the Chemri Emo. As a substitute, we used potatoes.

And when I asked a friend from Hokkaido, “It is delicious even if I eat it is delicious, but it’s delicious, but it’s delicious.” A commercial sauce is also available.

# Challenge to the wisdom of the former at the wisdom! !

Finally, cooking start! Since the peeping skin was peeled off in accordance with the wisdom of the predecessor “peeling and passing the fire”, it was said that “baked and baked and felting it”, so this time it was soft and softened using a microwave. By the way, there was no heatrootom at home.

After that, “I’m crafting what I crushed”, but surprisingly the potato is hard. It’s hard to get rid of it. After that, I put a starch powder and mixed in order to express a texture like baked and shaped. (This is also an advice from a friend)

When it is crushed and mixed, I will take it in hand and put in shape. I felt that it was so round as it was as a game as much as possible.

The next step is grilled. In the recipe, it was written as “Hinoko”. The buddy fukamar is at home, but unfortunately it can’t be used. Let’s use modern appliances honestly. Frying pan seems to be mainstream, but I will bake on a hot plate.

If you have a burnt, turn it over. Completed if you have a burnt for both!

# The first emotiot is eaten!

Finally, give it a taste. It seems that there is also a way to add soy sauce or eat cheese in it as other ways of eating. That’s why, the food!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Hisui Region Intro (Nintendo Switch)

Mog Mog…?


Just put it in the bowl…?

Apparently, it seems that the amount of chestnut powder was not enough and I could not reach the texture of Mochi. The taste is delicious but…. How failed by saying!

# Masaya Failure Ochi

As an initial schedule “What is this texture! Is it great, it’s like a real chopsticks.” I was thinking about the info repo, but I was thinking about the info. It will be repeated, but I have never eaten Imot. After cooking, I doubt that “I wondered if it was a good texture?” It was very good. “What is this texture!? It’s amazing, though it’s a real chopsticks like” .

I’m sorry, I would like to revenge if there is another opportunity to make a game rice. When you make Imoto, please be aware of the amount of starch starch.

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