Esht Interactive, World War Z Nintendo Switches Korean Panel today

Eise Tou Interactive (H2 Interactive, Representative Huh Jun Hae) is a three-person shooting game of Saber Interactive ‘World War Z (World War Z)’ Korean Panel today (March 17) I said it was.

The ultimate cooperation play zombie shooting game inspired by the Blockbuster movies of Paramount Pictures, and the original hit work of more than 1,5 million players around the world, the original hit work ‘World War Z’ was finally emerged as a Nintendo Switch. Many zombie crowds are the world, just before the end of the end of a threat that threatens their living humans, and four players must relax and cooperate with each other and cooperate and survive.

In New York, in Moscow, Jerusalem, and Tokyo, in a globe that spreads worldwide, the zombie crowd is eneried with a huge number and fast movement, as shown through the movie ‘World War Z’, You can taste the magnificent battle, the game play, and the dramatic story deployment that will be spreading against them.

Game Features

● The impulsive shooting that must survive as a wave
● Story Campaigns based on cooperation play with up to 4 people
● Survivors are equipped with PVP mode and the combat mode with zombies

World War Z Nintendo Switch Gameplay
● 7 kinds of character classes with unique features and styles, each, such as Maslingier, Hell Laser, Slaze, Medic, etc.
● Various weapons customization for surviving numerous zombies

For more information on ‘World War Z’ Nintendo Switches Korean Panel, see official homepage and Facebook, and YouTube and H2 Moles and Nintendo Online Store.

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