GTA 5: The added graph that is going crazy and angry to PS5 and Xbox Series players

After the resounding launch of GTA Trilogy, it seems that with Grand Theft Auto V in PS5 and Xbox the players are complaining enough of a pretty unfortunate choice in terms of the visual aspect of the game. In fact, many members of the community have already complained in Reddit of the famous Defocus of motion that adds an overlap of blur to fast actions.

A motion blur impossible to deactivate

We leave you a little example on the helicopter and its contours in the Reddit publication below, it also allows us to mention the few new errors found by GTA online players on this launching day.

Gta Online Character Transfer To PS5 Or Xbox Series X|S

A good handful of disgruntled users are expressing their concern about the Reddit of GTA 5 and its multiplayer bread. Apart from the transfer of a little capricious characters and some small new errors, it is above all a graphic addition that is currently attracting the attention of the community. In fact, Rockstar teams had the non-good idea to add _Defocus of movement in all parts.

To abbreviate, motion blur is an effect that quickly can be unsightly if not used with care and that is exactly what happens in this new generation version. The APSTEL icing: It is impossible to deactivate the blur anywhere at this time.

“Small” concerns, for a shooting without problems

I am not sure that the launch of this extended and improved version causes the stir of said GTA Trilogy. It is a technical addly that does not contribute anything really substantial compared to the One versions of PS4 / Xbox .

Certainly, the GTA online detachment to become En independent is undoubtedly a strong signal about the wishes of R *, but it is difficult not to feel disappointed by a persistent world that, ultimately, does not offer many novelties to its newcomers, except for an updated intro.

Now you only have to wait and cross your fingers so that the R * teams provide us new robberies in the coming weeks and months.

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