Two years of Animal Crossing New Horizons: What future does this game have?

Today, March 20, 2022, Animal Crossing New Horizons celebrates its second year of existence. Super friendly inhabitants, a very Zen life on a paradisiacal island, terformation quality, periodic updates… We return to one of the great games of Nintendo Switch.

Two years later, the hallucintes Animal Crossing results

Obviously it was not premeditated, but Animal Crossing New Horizons came out in an absolutely conducive moment for that life on the virtual island that everyone needed. The epidemic of Covid-19 in full swing, almost all the countries of the world had to be confined in March 2020 and was then when ACNH arrived to give a balm to the heart of millions of players. Virtual meetings with friends, marriage proposals and, sometimes, even visits to online museums.

In just one year, ACNH sold more than 31 million copies around the world and, even after the end of the confines, the title continued its exploits by becoming the best-selling game of all time in Japan, Suggesting Mario Kart. In just 10 days, when it was released, ACNH broke all the records of the previous works when selling 13 million copies. In short, colossal figures that are also explained by the unnegable quality ** of new horizons and the expectations of fans from New Leaf in Nintendo 3DS.

Especially because, although it was not complete at the beginning, New Horizons has been updated regularly for offer more and more content to its players : Diving, new works, cafeteria or cultivating. The greatest asset of the game will probably remain its undeniable relaxing side, but also its functions online for up to 8 players on the same island.

The Animal Crossing Year Two Update! 2nd Anniversary 2022 on Nintendo Switch!

Fentence of all the figures.

Can we expect something new at Animal Crossing New Horizons?

You probably already know, but the great update 2.0 November 2021 has been officially described as Last update of free game content . Therefore, you should no longer expect any additional important content , such as the Celeste Observatory, work in coffee or even a great new store.

Even though fanatics still expect surprises for 2022, it is very unlikely that Nintendo is preparing something for Animal Crossing. As the game has already fulfilled the sales level, dedicate more time when the current development team must completely end up SPLATOON 3.

However, this does not mean that it is the end of the small updates! Animal Crossing New Horizons always receives small error corrections and sometimes adds new seasonal objects. Game data miners recently detected code lines that indicated that Nook Shop could have a second floor, but that sounds too good to be true.

On the other hand, the addition of Zelda furniture, for example, can be considered a lower update. Meanwhile, for your second anniversary, Nintendo has not planned to send a small gift to the players’ mailboxes, unlike last year when we receive a cake.

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