Achievements and heritage 2

In each season, Fortnite you provide an updated version of the career Heritage list (also known as achievements or exploits). As a rule, they all look like the previous season, but with new names to distinguish them from the legacy that you received in previous seasons.

Full List of Heritage

possession of weapons

  • Sergeant SMG: Earn expert on SMG
  • This means war: Earn an expert augmented reality
  • Grenader General: Earn Expert for Explosives
    • Middle Battle Champion: ** Earn expert on Kirk
  • Pistol Professional: Earn an expert on guns
  • Patrol pump: Earn a shotgun expert
  • Super arrows: Earn a sniper expert
  • Focused attacking: Get two different awards for a weapon specialist in one match.
  • Multidisciplinary: Earn three different awards for a weapon specialist in one match.
  • Graduate learning handling arms: Earn four awards of a weapon specialist in one match.
  • Assocated to battle: Earn five different awards for a weapon specialist in one match.
    Advanced artillery AC: Earn six different awards for a weapon specialist in one match.
    Field fight: Earn seven different weapon awards in one match.


  • Announcement of Water Water: Catch all kinds of fish.
  • Set completed: Meet each character.
  • so much strength…: Catch your mythical gold fish.
  • Full treasury: Collect 1000 gold bars.


  • Last surviving lupid: Win a single match.
  • Lonely Warrior: Win 10 single matches.
  • Telling in battles: Win 100 single matches.
  • On the track of the war: Win the solo match in which you made at least 10 murders.
  • Successful Union: Win the duet.
  • United forces: Win 10 duets.
  • Combat coalition: Win 100 duets.
  • trilateral attack: Win the match trio.
  • Triumphal Trio: Win 10 matches of the trio.
  • Triple Tactical Punch: Win 100 matches trio.
  • rally troops: Win the match match.
  • Powerful battalion: Win 10 match matches.
  • Tactical geniuses: Win 100 match matches.
    Ribbon Rival: Win Rumble Match.
  • Ruler Screen: Win 100 matches RUMBLE.


  • Self-help in the field: Throw the consumable.
  • Close COMBAXE: Destroy the enemy using a crop collection tool.
  • A supporter of hostilities: Spend 250 gold bars.

  • Cooped Contract: Remove the enemy, which is someone else’s reward.
    Air Fight Dominator: Eliminate the enemy while he is soaked.
  • Welcome to resistance: Land on a new card for chapter 3 season 2.
  • Never give up: Protect teammate on a team that has a reward.
  • Big FIN-ISH: Destroy the mythical gold fish.
    Air attack: Eliminate the enemy by attaching it.
  • Bring home award: Complete the award.
  • Daming maneuvers: Equal from the award.
    Supplies: Eliminate the enemy, which has just opened the discharge.
  • Guaranteed destruction: Destroy the enemy by the mythical gold fish.
  • Revered veteran: Reach 100th season level.

That’s all heritage chapters 3 season 1!

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