Anno 1800: Finally info about the Season 4 – Appointment for Gameplay

With Season 4 also 2022 three additional DLCs come to ANNO 1800. Now it is determined at which time with first tangible details is to be expected. “We gave you a little insight into the contents of Season 4 in December – now it’s time to talk about our plans for the three DLCs of this year, which all turn to the new world,” writing the Developers in a current blog entry on the ANNO website.

Live stream to Season 4 – appointment

Interested players should therefore be 29. Mark in March in the calendar . Next Tuesday, the developers want to talk in detail about the Season 4 for Anno 1800 – and introduce the three next extensions. For 5 pm, a one-hour live stream is announced , which should keep a lot of info. First gameplay is to be expected: Ubisoft Mainz promises to show game scenes from the first of the three pending DLCs. We have integrated the Twitch Stream below.

ANNO 1800 SEASON 4: First thoughts

First teaser for Season 4 in Anno 1800

Still is unclear to turn the topics the new DLCs from the Anno 1800 (now buy 18,00 € / 53.99 €) Season 4. Fans should keep an eye on the Twitter channel to the build-up game, because there should be published to the reveeal stream next Tuesday first teaser to the new content. It is confirmed that the focus in the DLCs this time is on the new world, there will not be a new region. However, the developers are aware of the space problems in the new world and want to consider the plans for the new DLCs. Most recently, a new cosmetic DLC has already been published for Anno 1800.

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