Chapter 19: Guide on the Battle of “Keeping Courage” – a triangle strategy

The battle in chapter XIX “Triangle Strategy: Hold on Courage” is played under the goddess’s nose at the source, where the land is covered with salt, which electrifies anyone who stands on it when lightning strikes. You must fight with Minister Camsell for the life of Roselle. The new battle, flight from the source, will begin after you choose your units. Win Destroy the enemy forces and you will lose when you see that all yours are defeated .

Selection of units and combat strategies

Gila HEAL WHAT AILS You will be useful in this battle. These hyzantine elite robbers can use the slope e cast and make your units useless for two times, for a long time during these battles. Bring Gil or Medina as well as tablets to restore sleep or pills from all diseases – and if you have not yet got rid of the reserves of pills to restore HP in Lionel, make sure you have them at least enough.

Bring Julio Whose TP is again useful in this battle. Hewette S Shadow Arrow The ability has a good chance to immobilize Camsell, depending on its succession of good luck, which can be enhanced with the help of Yens in the camp.

There is Narva or Ezana Come on, too. You will definitely want to use your own lighting magic and take advantage of salted terrain. If you happen to accidentally hit the current of one of your, which is already in dangerous intimacy from the fall, you can also rely on Restore Cweights which heals the Union Unit, and also restores half of his health.

Beware of electrified sand, blessing for the health of Camsell

As soon as the battle begins on stage, consisting not only from salt, but also from wooden platforms that will protect you from shocks if you stand on them. You will have to deal with three kilzantian archers, two robbers and one shield, all at level 31 facing you. For them will be an elite shields and two elite robber of the 32nd level, as well as three combat melons of the 31st level recommended for this battle. Camsell is at level 33.

Camsell can absorb light and treat them . Be careful not to hit his magic lightning or not to hit the zipper by salt while he stands on it. Moreover, enemy combat magicians will treat Kamsella with their magic lightning to compensate for the noticeable absence of enemy healers. Try to focus on combat magazes whenever they are within reach, as they are spark the ability can also be destructive, and note that the robbers can act twice. Most robbers will move twice to you when they come back.

Of course, six levels-32 elite reinforcements will arrive from the back of the scene at both ends. On the one hand, you will come with a shooter, an archer and a robber, and another archer, a robber and a combat magazine will appear next to Camsell. If you brought a hoolio, his third rank weapon capacity intimidation will damage a multiple units in addition to the depletion of their TP, but it will make the _ Head_ damage to combat magicians.

power in numbers, work your way

One of the strategies would be to send your entire group up on the left side of the scene to the rear, opposite Camsell, destroying enemies along the path and healing up to two healers operating at the same time. If you have Medina, consider using its ability of the third rank weapon. Heavenly ointment , if you need it. This will restore 150 HP to all members of the group due to ten granules of HP recovery and four TP. Meanwhile, Ezane and Narmark should know the Pierce of Defans. Their lightning attacks will damage to the Shields, whose resistance to physical attacks is high.

Triangle Strategy Pt19 Ch18 Of Fire and Blood! Bound by Sorrow! (Serenoa Golden Route)

Camsell will eventually go to you, remaining fixed most of the battle. His favorite weapon is a spear, and he will own them with a fierce force capable of hitting the union units in two consecutive squares and apply powerful blows that deplete most of the scale of life. You can try Camsells to immobilize with the Hewett shadow arrows. But otherwise, use Hoolio’s abilities exhausted Camsell ‘s TP, while you beat it with your best attacks.

For more help on a triangle strategy, keep it here in playgrounds for professionals.

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