What is the shelter energy in Destiny 2?

Shelter energy is a mod on the arc warming cell in Destiny 2. It requires five energy units and gives the user an additional shield when collecting warming cell.

To have a chance to create a military intelligence cell, it is necessary to defeat enemies with the help of seventh seraphim or IKELOS weapons. Despite the fact that there are several different types of weapons corresponding to the criteria, in general, the assembly with a military intelligence cell significantly limits the affordable pool of the guard weapons.

Destiny 2 IKELOS and seventh seraphim weapon

Ikelos weapon

Destiny 2: Season of the Risen Weapons TIER LIST! - (Best God Rolls to Craft!)
* ikelos_hc_v1.0.2 : legendary hand gun
* ikeelos_sg_v1.0.2 : legendary shotgun
* ikelos_sr_v1.0.2 : legendary sniper rifle

  • Ikelos_SMG_V1.0.2 : Legendary machine gun gun

seventh seraphim weapon

  • Seventh Seraphim Carabiner : Legendary Automatic Rifle
  • seventh seraphim revolver : legendary hand gun
  • seventh seraphim CQC-12 : legendary shotgun
  • Seventh Seraphim Si-2 : Legendary Personal Weapon
  • Seventh Seraphim VY-7 : Legendary Machine gun Pistol
  • Seventh Seraphim Saw : legendary machine gun

The Warmind Cell assembly is quite specific, as it binds the guard to a certain set of weapons and mods. At the same time, the assembly may be truly destructive due to different effects, for example, those that provide the SHELTERING ENERGY mod.

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