The classic PS Plus Premium games look “awesome” on PS5, PS4, but Sony does not say anything about the selection

Sony may have unveiled its new levels of PS subscription more, but the reality is that there are still many things that we do not know, especially with regard to PS more premium . The most expensive option of the service attempts to sell on promises of backward compatibility; Premium subscribers have access to PS3 game streaming and a PS1, PS2 and PSP title catalog that can be broadcast streaming or downloaded.

PlayStation Game Pass FINALLY REVEALED

The only problem is that we do not know yet which classic games are really included. At the time of writing these lines, Sony did not even tease launch line-up, or anything like that. How many games does the catalog propose? Are these games improved in one way or another? Do they support trophies? None of these questions still have an answer.

Certainly, Sony a few months to relay this information. The launch of the new PS more in June, which gives the Japanese giant time to deploy things little by little, so as not to overwhelm potential subscribers. But still, it’s a bit odd that Premium’s immediate sales argument does not have a taste of what will happen, especially when it requires $ 99.99 / $ 119.99 a year.

But hey, these classic games look “awesome” on PS5 and PS4, according to the Playstation Jim Ryan boss, according to an interview with Famitsu. I hope we can see them by ourselves in the near future!

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