New “PS PLUS”, SIE will hesitate to early input of the first title- “The quality of the game will decline” [UPDATE]

Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Gym Ryan, the Renewal version “**” announced by the company, the company’s interviewed by the company’s interview with overseas media

The new “PS Plus” has also provided “Premium” versions that have been integrated with Cloud Gaming Services for PS4 / PS5 in PLAYSTATION NOW (PS NOW), as well as traditional online play and free play.. However, this service does not include a Fast Title for PLAYSTATION STUDIOS developed near Japan.

Mr. Ryan, SIE, SIE has not introduced its own title to an existing service on release day, and “new service does not do such a thing.” If he did such a thing in our studio, he explained that he “the capital of the studio can not be made and the quality of the game will decrease.”

He also commented that the game subscription “does not seem to grow up to a level like SPOTIFY or NETFLIX”. Unlike the passive entertainment such as music and movies, in the game where “sustainable engagement over a long period of time” is required, “Live service is better.”

※ Update (2022/3/30 17:00): The article title was originally called “I’m sorry for putting on the first title”, but it was a word that was a word. Thank you for pointing out in the comments section.

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